How To Build A Pornstar Booty with Penthouse Pets
Who doesn't love a phat ass? And who better to show us tips on building a solid booty than the lovely ladies of Penthouse. Learn the training program used by Penthouse and many of the other fine women of Metroflex LBC.

How to Train for an Endurance Obstacle Course Without Becoming A Skinny Bitch
Its no lie: Endurance running compromises muscle mass. And who wants that? Especially when strength obstacles are at the forefront of the endurance competition. Find out how to train like an endurance athlete all the while maintaining size and strength like a weightlifter.

The Official Metroflex LBC Guide to Powerlifting - Deadlift
Find out how to break through your deadlifting plateaus with this guide on max effort deadlifting. Learn training methods and useful tricks shared by some of the best lifters on the platform.

The Official Metroflex LBC Guide to Powerlifting - Bench Press
Any powerlifter knows that a 'legal' bench press is far different than bounce-off-the-chest BS you see in most gyms. Learn what real force-production off your chest feels like with this incredible guide to max effort bench pressing.

The Official Metroflex LBC Guide to Powerlifting - Squat
This ebook covers the various phases of the squat in which Metroflex powerlifters use for generating maximal strength. Learn tricks on the high box, low box, free squat, pause / static squats, and other exercises that will build strength and size to your legs.

The Official Metroflex LBC Guide to Powerlifting Bundle Pack
Bundled pack consist of Powerlifting Deadlift, Powerlifting BenchPress & Powerlifting Squat