[TOP 10] Best Battle Ropes Reviews In 2022

10 Best Battle Ropes Reviews, Tips & Guides

Are you looking for the Best Battle Ropes for yourself? If yes, you may check out our list for more details.

You might have seen a battle rope at some points in your life, whether it is in your school, at the gym, or perhaps back when you served in the army. If you are keen on adding one to your workout routine (I bet you are), you definitely come to the right place. Here we will help you to find out the best battle ropes available on the market.

Best Battle Ropes

[TOP 10] Best Battle Ropes Reviews In 2022

1. Power guidance battle rope

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

If you are looking for the best battle ropes to add to your home gym set up, take a look at the Power Guidance Battle Rope. The rope is totally made of Dacron, providing it with more durability compared to those made of Polypro material. However, it is also heavier and needs more strength to hold. The durable rope is also covered by a nylon sleeve to prevent any possible friction or fraying.

Power Guidance Battle Rope comes with 7.5-long, heavy-duty handles to protect your hands from agitation as well as ensure comfortable grips and satisfactory workout hours. Power Guidance is confident that the handles never come off even after long-term, intense use. This battle rope comes in 1.5-in diameter and is 30 feet, 40 feet or 50 feet long. Surely, Power Guidance battle rope has what it takes to be the one of the best workout ropes for homes.


  • Nylon sleeve
  • 100 percent of Dacron material, which is surprisingly durable
  • Heat shrink handles that never wear off
  • Free battle rope anchor


  • The rope might be less attractive to some people due to the nylon sleeve


2. Profect Sports Pro Battle Ropes With Anchor

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

The rope is made of 100% Poly-Dac fiber that promises to be wear-resistant and prevent undesirable unraveling. With a Duramax protective sleeve cover and heavy-duty coated handles coming with the purchase, this rope has what it takes to provide you with improved grip and protect your hands from friction. That is why it is on our top pick of the best battle ropes.

The rope also comes with a stainless steel carabineer and two heavy-duty anchor straps. The rope is available in three different lengths (30, 40, and 50ft) and either 1.5” or 2.0” width.


  • Upgraded DuraMax protective sleeve for friction protection
  • A reinforced anchor strap kit
  • Free stainless steel carabineer


  • There are some reported cases that the anchor straps were found missing in the package


3. Titan Poly Battle Rope

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Although Titan Poly Battle Rope is made out of heavy-duty Poly Dacron blend, the manufacturers do not mention any details. The long, high quality handles provide a firm grip and protect your hands from injury while working out. This rope is also ideal for climbing and is a top pick of many climbers.

Unlike other competitors, Titan Poly Battle Rope does not come with any protective sleeve cover. However, Titan Fitness states that it is weatherproof as well as waterproof, so no matter how much sweat your body produces, you are not likely to lose your grip. Another disadvantage of this rope is that the anchor is not included in the purchase. There is a full variety of sizes to choose from, 30, 40, 50 ft and 1.5 and 2.0 width.


  • Weatherproof and water proof
  • Enables an excellent climbing rope
  • Comes at good price


  • Sleeve cover is not available
  • No anchor


4. AmazonBasics Battle Exercise Training Rope

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

The 3-strand-thick rope is made out of high-tensile polyester blend, so it should stay in good condition and is hard to fray or come loose. Handles are also included in the package without any specifics mentioned. There are three different size options: 30ft, 40ft and 50f and 1.5” or 2.0” width.


  • Full selection of battle rope sizes (6 variations)
  • Heavy-duty and durable Polyester material
  • 2” width variation is ideal for advanced users with any toughness endurance workout
  • Reasonably priced


  • Without sleeve cover
  • Tearing is inevitable


5. NexPro

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

The next product in this list is the Battle Rope Polydac Undulation Rope Exercise Fitness Training from NEXPRO. There are three variations available: 1.5” Width and 30”, 40”, or 50” length, making this one of the best battle ropes less attractive to users with hardcore training. Besides that, there is no difference in the length compared to other ropes. However, it is not as heavy as the 2-inch battle rope, so this could create a niche market for the product.

There is no cover, so the rope is more likely to fray compared to other well-covered ropes. Therefore, after a short period of banging the rope on the floor, you should see a pile of hair on the floor, which can be annoying or unacceptable to some. If you wish to avoid abrasion and friction, start your workout on gym floors or mats since they are softer.

However, a small sleeve at the anchor point is provided, so it could make up for the disadvantages mentioned above. The sleeve helps to prevent damaging friction and shredding, thereby extending the rope service years.

Another disappointing aspect of this rope is that the anchor is not provided in the purchase while it is a must-have item for any training with battle ropes. Unfortunately, this means that you will need to pay extra money to get one.


  • An anchor point sleeve is included
  • Comfortable, secure grip


  • It is likely to fray
  • Only 1” width available


6. Garage Fit

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

There is a full size selection of this rope, users can choose from six variations: 1.5” and 2.0” in diameters and either 30”, 40”, 50” in length.

With your purchase, not only do you get your battle rope, you also get an anchor that is actually a set of a strap and a hook. In spite of being quite versatile, the rope still needs to be attached to a robust, fixed object like a pole.

Besides, the handles and the ropes are not well put together. Therefore, they are likely to fall apart after regular and intense use, making it an undesirable aspect of the product. On top of that, fraying and unraveling frequently occur just after a short period, saying for the first month or two, which is a serious defect when it comes to a product that is frequently banged onto the tough surfaces.

Nevertheless, some features really make the investment a wise choice. One of the highlighted features of the Garage Fit Battle Rope is its attractive design. In addition, the range of the colors available makes both the rope and its users more appealing.


  • A wide range of battle rope sizes to choose from
  • Anchor point & anchor point sleeve are included
  • Comes with anchor point and its sleeve cover
  • The colors are available in many options


  • Easy to unravel and fray
  • The handles still leave something to be desired


7. Zeny Workout Battle Ropes (LINK 3)

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Zeny is widely known for their wide variety of battle ropes that cater for any fitness enthusiasts with various workout goals. With Zeny Workout Battle Ropes, your body will be fully engaged in the training. These ropes also effectively tone your muscles as well as build up your cardiovascular condition. In other words, Zeny Battle Rope will help you get leaner and fitter after productive hours of workout.

The rope is sufficiently durable and well built, so you should not worry about friction even after frequent and intense use. To make the most use of this rope, wrap it around any fixed objects like a tree for outdoor training or use an anchor for indoor usage (you need to buy the anchor separately). It is also perfectly suitable for climbing purposes. In general, incorporating the rope into your workout routine will effectively strengthen your core and arm, burn calories, fat, and help you get a perfect physique and feel better having more strength in your physical performance. The battle rope also comes with comfortable grip handles that are resistant to normal wear and usage. It is easy to roll up and take almost anywhere if you wish to change your training location. In terms of size, there are three variations: three lengths, 30ft, 40ft and 50ft with 1.5- inch thickness. With all of the good qualities mentioned above, there is no surprise Zeny makes it to our list of the best battle ropes.


  • Nylon sleeve cover to prevent friction and frays
  • Made of high quality Dacron material
  • 600D Oxford Waterproof
  • Total body workout


  • 3 size options
  • The grips lack in sturdiness


8. Fire Breather Battle Training Ropes

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Fire Breather Battle Training Ropes are probably the best battle ropes for both male and female trainers of all levels. The battle rope is not just a cardio exercise but it also torches fat, calories, and is a challenge for the entire body and brain. With both cardio exercise, endurance and strength building training combined together, you will be surprised at the fast but effective workout results. Being bored of the normal treadmill? This rope will come as a great alternative.

With Fire Breather Battle Ropes, you can save time by doing shorter workout sessions, yet surprisingly efficient. The rope affects the whole body, from the upper, core and lower body at the same time in just 20-minute workouts. That is why Fire Breather Battle Training Ropes are one of the best battle ropes available.


  • Nylon sleeves to avoid friction
  • Made of Dacron which is heavy-duty and durable
  • Anchor Kit and a Training book are included, so you will never run out of workout ideas
  • 3-strand twisted design
  • 3 size options: 30ft, 40ft and 50ft and 1.5 inch width
  • Heat-shrink handles to provide improved and comfortable grip
  • Two color options
  • Enables total body workout
  • Suitable for users of all levels ranging from starters and advanced trainers
  • Portable for both outdoor and indoor uses


  • Quite expensive


9. Super Deal Battle Ropes

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

This premium quality and durable conditioning rope will meet all of your expectations for an exercise tool that is made to beat onto the floor. The price is also reasonable. Made of 100 percent Poly Dacron material, the product is durable and waterproof. It is one of the best workout ropes for home as well as outdoor training. Like most battle ropes, the rope is 3-strand twisted with a promise from the manufacturers that it will not be easy to unravel and fray. The sleeve is also water-resistant, so users should not worry about any possible friction. In addition, the sleeve also makes the grip more comfortable even if your hands are likely to sweat.

There is a full variety of sizes to choose from (30ft, 40ft, and 50ft) with either 1.5 inches or 2.0 inches in diameter. We are sure that these ropes are the best battle ropes for full body workout and fit all levels of training and budgets.


  • Nylon sleeve cover to prevent damaging friction
  • Made of durable and strong Poly Dacron
  • Stunning design
  • Comes in six variations: 30ft, 40ft, 50ft in length with either 1.5 inches or 2.0 inches in width
  • 600D Oxford Waterproof
  • Handles are heat-shrink for improved grip and hand protection
  • Enables a total body workout
  • Great for all levels from basic to advanced trainers
  • Tracking line
  • Portable so it is equally ideal for indoor and outdoor exercise training


  • Not designed for high-intensity training


10. Trademark Innovations Battle Rope

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Trademark Innovations Durable Battle Ropes are a perfect option if you dread doing regular workout training and want some variety added to your training routine. It is durable and water-resistant for either indoor use or outside exercise training and can dial up your physical performance.

With three size options available, you can decide yourself the levels of intensity of the workout. Go for the longest length if you want to take your training to the advanced level or if you are quite tall. By this way, your fitness objectives are more likely to be achieved.

If you wish to take your training outdoors, you will need to attach your rope to a fixed or weighted point like a pole or tree. Since battle ropes can be used both for solo and team activities, they are easily seen in many foundational training sessions in the boot camp.

Training with a gym battle rope requires strength, optimism and grit. Do not be afraid if 20 seconds of pounding is all you can do at the first attempt. That is absolutely fine for such an activity that needs significant exertions. Keep in mind that you can master this type of training very soon.

It is time for you to get some fun and intense full body workout with this rope. You have what it takes to be a master of the battle rope and we are sure you will enjoy yourself with Trademark Innovations Battle Ropes in the process.


  • Nylon sleeve cover to prevent friction and frays
  • Made of Dacron material that is strong and durable
  • Heat-shrink handles to make your grip more comfortable and enhance overall performance
  • Waterproof material
  • Suitable for whole body workouts
  • Ideal for every fitness level
  • Equally ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Attractive design


  • Only three size options



1. Your goals

You can use a gym battle rope for many more purposes apart from upper body workout and cardio training. If you are not familiar with the battle rope or you are on the smaller side, then go with a lighter, slimmer rope. More importantly, what are your fitness goals? Muscle building, cardio durability or explosiveness.

1a. Build muscles

If building muscles is what you are after, and you have a solid foundation, then choose a heavier and thicker rope.

A 2-inch battle rope will ramp up your intensity and facilitate the process of breaking down muscle fibers.

1b. Build Cardio Endurance

Do you get out of breath walking up the stairs? Working with a 1.5” rope will provide you with the benefits of cardio endurance.

Training with this rope gives you control and helps you execute complex movements alongside with the ropes. You can challenge yourself further with squats and lunges when you are moving the ropes.

1c. Building explosiveness

If you are committed to high-intensity training programs, frequent use of battle rope will give you greater tolerance. The first battle rope excitement will be what you are constantly after, and you will aim for heftier and heavier ropes.

1d. Business

Are you running a gym? If yes, durability is of great importance, as these ropes will wear down more rapidly when used in such a public place. Besides, consider what kind of training your customers are involved in, this is also a determining factor when choosing the best battle ropes for your business.

2. Durability

Durability is a crucial factor when choosing the best battle ropes because they are designed to be banged up and down, swapped around or anchored to. Great durability is necessary for all of these things.

It is expected that durability of the best battle ropes should be good enough to serve on a battleship, and hopefully after their service, they are still durable enough to be sold again at a high price.

Most battle ropes are robust when held in hands, but not many can withstand high pressure. Therefore, fraying is common and acceptable after regular and intense usage even for the best battle ropes.

If you have any concerns over the durability aspect of a rope, you can wander around, on the Internet, for example, and read battle rope reviews, especially for those who have bought and used it for a period. In this way, you can make concrete decisions and bring home the best battle ropes.

You may come across some shedding battle ropes. It is comprehensible because they are organic and made of a plant called manila. If they are constantly slammed onto the rough surfaces, the tiny fibers will come off easily and drop down to the floor. A pile of hairs will be formed rapidly and you will end up cleaning a mess after the workout, which is a pain if you use these battle ropes at home.

3. Where

As you will need to wrap the battle rope around or anchor it to a weighted object at one end, what is used as an anchor plays a significant role.

What is the location of your training?

How much room can you afford?

Remember that you should have a line of space that is at least half the battle rope’s length. For example, a 50” rope will need a 25” space.

What will you use as an anchor? It can be a pole, fence pole or a steady tree. Be aware of the friction cost, though.

Don’t you have an anchor point? Then find a weighted kettle bell or purchase an anchor.

Finally, avoid something sharp, as it will shorten the rope’s longevity half or more. Likewise, wrapping around a tree with a rough bark will inevitably cause friction, even if your ropes are among the best battle ropes.

4. Length

The typical lengths of a battle rope are 30’, 40’ and 50’

Find out what you need by considering your workout objectives and the room you can afford. Moreover, keep in mind that your rope will be halved in length after being wrapped. Therefore, a 40-foot long rope will turn out to be 20 feet, while a 30-foot battle rope is actually 15 feet when in use.

As fluidity is greater when one performs with longer ropes, the difference in lengths affects the way you move and your overall performance. Do not forget to put aside 5 feet from the rope for your body to move with ease.

The most common choice is a 50-foot rope, as many believe that it has the most advantages. Again, space matters and affects the choice of battle rope length. Bear in mind that if the rope is longer, you will have more fluidity and vice versa.


The two most typical widths are 1.5 and 2.0. The 0.5-inch difference immensely affects your objectives and the intensity of the training. Heavier ropes are ideal for shorter, more intense training while lighter ones are more suitable for cardio exercise, aerobic, and endurance-focused exercises.

The size of hands and grip power also exert an influence on thickness choice. By that I mean, thick rope (2’’) will challenge smaller hands. However, if your hands are on the bigger side, then you will find a 1.5”-thick rope quite tiny.

In either case, only the hand size and the thickness choice matter.

If you aim for cardio, HIIT or circuit training, then 1.5” ropes work best as they enable intense workout and vice grip. 1.5” ropes are also the ideal choice for starters and those with less physical strength. In contrast, 2.0” ropes are 35% larger, so they work best with bigger hands with more power grips. If you would like more excruciating training and greater pounding, then go with a 2” rope.

Does a thicker rope make up for a shorter distance? Yes, but it will provide less fluidity in the movement.

6. Business owner

If you are running a studio, box or a boot camp, choosing the best battle ropes would benefit your customers. In contrast, if you own a large studio, the best choice would be lighter, skinner designs. If you run a gym that mainly caters for muscle heads, then thicker ropes will be the perfect choice.

In either case, make sure you know how much space your facility can provide if you do not want the rope to intrude into other areas like weightlifting. Finally, find out how intense your training sessions are, adjust your facility and finally figure out the best battle ropes to make a purchase.

7. Material

For most rope users, durability is a major factor. So what contributes to the durability of a rope? It is definitely the material. Manila, low-quality, cheap Dacron and high-quality poly Dacron are the most typical material for battle ropes. A rope made of high quality Dacron is obviously the best battle ropes compared to other products made of Manila or Dacron. A poly Dacron rope is made out of the blend of the two materials: Polypropylene and Dacron fibers. The synthetic fibers are twisted into strands. The Dacron lends strength to the outer braid. Meanwhile, polypropylene makes the core lighter and gives extra strength, thereby reducing the rope weight and production cost.

One of the main advantages of poly Dacron is that it is more difficult to shed than Manila ropes. Manila ropes are ideal if they are used outdoors as the cleaning of miniscule shedding fibers is a real pain when you work with these battle ropes at home. In addition, a Manila rope will be 10-25% more expensive than a poly Dacron rope. We highly recommend Manila ropes if you are environmentally conscious and prefer organic products.

If poly Dacron is your choice, it is important to distinguish between cheap and quality Poly Dacron.

In fact, “Polydac” is a term that depicts a production process involving the procedures in which the material is made along with the ratio in which the materials are mixed. It is hard to feel the difference between the cheap battle ropes and the best battle ropes unless you hold a rope in your hand and feel it. Quality, expensive Poly Dacron ropes will feel less fibrous and more fluid than cheap battle ropes.

More expensive ropes are probably made of a blend of poly Dacron and polypropylene with a 4:1 ratio, which makes the rope more durable and fluid. Otherwise, 30% of polypropylene gives more fibers. A 30-foot battle rope (1.5” width) costs less around $60. You should not be disappointed if your brand new poly Dacron feels stiff. This happens even to the best battle ropes. They will be fine after a few training sessions.


Frequently asked questions

1. What are battle ropes?

There is a variety of lengths, diameters and weights for battle ropes. Durable polyester, poly Dacron materials or a blend of the two will make the best battle ropes. Since they are commonly dedicated for outdoor usage, battle ropes should be wear-resistant and waterproof. The caps at the ends are usually heat-shrink for friction prevention and hand protection. A typical battle rope can be either 30ft, 40ft or 50ft long. The longer the rope, the heavier it will be, so it is more suitable for a trainer aiming for a more intense workout. In general, most homes cannot afford space for the 50-foot-long rope, which is more commonly used in gyms.

Battle ropes are ideal conditioning exercise tools as they enable both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. They work your entire body, from upper, core to lower parts, which facilitates fat and calories burning. They also suit all fitness levels, so anyone can pick up a rope and start a new, exciting and efficient journey. Therefore, there is no surprise they gain more popularity with starters right through to advanced, professional performers. You can go through our battle rope reviews again to pick for yourself the best battle ropes to add to your workout.

2. Can I combine battle rope with weights?

The answer is yes. It will boost your performance if you integrate weights into your training. There are many wonderful advantages of weight and muscle training, and including a battle rope will undoubtedly improve your endurance and physical strength. Are you more ambitious? Give the combination of weights and ropes a try.

Battle rope workout will definitely improve your physical performance, even if you are doing either professional or recreational training. Noticeable improvements will happen with your strengths, stamina and durability, and you will be content with the strides that you have made. If you incorporate a rope into your weight training, your core strength will be improved to make more substantial weightlifting possible. It will increase your reps, too.

There are remarkable benefits for people doing weight and power training to include a battle rope into their workout routines. It gives extra power and mobility to your scapula, which is crucial for any lifters. The harder the training is, the greater the results are. As scapular stability and mobility is improved, you will soon notice the improvement of your squats and snatching.



Buying battle ropes is a great way to enhance your workout and thus make your muscles stronger. However, with so many battle ropes boasting themselves the best ones on the market, it seems to be challenging to find the one that meets all your needs. After reading this article, we hope that you have collected sufficient information and made up your mind. Remember that each battle rope has its own advantages and disadvantages and it all comes down to what you want for your body.


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