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If you want to buy the Best Cable Crossover Machines for your house, you should check out our list for more details.

A cable machine also known as cable crossover machine is one of the most versatile fitness machines and most frequently used by people going to the public gym. However, due to its bulky size and heavy weight plus the expensive cost of the whole machine, it is not quite popular in home gyms, which is apparently a pity.

But the trend has been changing a lot recently since the best cable crossover machines produced are quite compact as well as efficient. And those who prefer working out in home cannot turn their heads away from loads of benefits of cable crossover home gym, so there is such a growing demand for cable crossover machine for sale on the market. If your house has enough space to fit a home-gym cable machine in, you should consider getting one of the best cable crossover machines from our list below.

Best Cable Crossover Machine

[TOP 10] Best Cable Crossover Machine Reviews

Although these best cable machine products are outstanding on the flooding fitness equipment market, they of course have their pros and cons that will be listed as well. Then, you can have a detailed overview of each one to make your best decision.

1. XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine – XM 7626

The XMark Functional Trainer is an all-in-one cable crossover that is famous for its multi-functional features as well as super sturdy and sleek design. Praised by many fitness enthusiasts, there is definitely a place for this outstanding unit in the list of top 10 best cable crossover machines.

This machine sets a new step from wall mounted cable machine, which has several disadvantages. The frame is constructed with 11- gauge 2 in. x 3 in. steal along with other commercial grade parts to ensure this solid system can support a great array of serious and fast motions. There is a chin-up bar in the middle connected with dual cable pulleys that can be easily adjusted with 19 height positions and offer a 180-degree range of free swing for all of your exercise. Plus, XMark functional trainer cable machine provides two 200 pound weight stacks, which are enough for most users from all skill levels. So there is no need to purchase additional weights on your own. The machine also comes with an accessory package including two 8 in. hand straps, two 17 in. long strap handles, a triceps pushdown rope, a short bar, a long bar, a leg curl strap and an ankle strap. So the number of exercises that you can perform with this machine is extremely abundant. That is why we choose it as one of best cable crossover machines available on the market without hesitation.

Assembly dimensions are 35.5 in. x 71 in. x 84 in. (L x W x H) and the product’s weight is 247 pounds. It might not be the smallest unit but for sure in such a compact shape given with how many features and extra attachments it carries with. It is recommended for those who are really into crossover exercises or looking for an all-inclusive product to experience various kinds of workout. Of course the cost is not low, but you will really get what you pay for, and XMark functional trainer cable machine is one of the best cable crossover machines rated by many beginners and professionals.


  • All-in-one home gym cable machine
  • Heavy duty mainframe and commercial grade components
  • Two 200 pound weight stacks included, no need for extra weights
  • Sturdy and sleek design
  • Ergonomic experience
  • Pulleys are adjustable with 19 height position settings


  • Quite pricey
  • Assembly process is not easy, so users need to pay extra addition while assembling.


2. Body-Solid Powerline PFT100

The Body-Solid Powerline PFT100 is an ideal home gym cable machine for minimalists who seek a simple but effective product. The machine is made of high quality product to last a very long time. Therefore, it is definitely one of the best cable crossover machines in this list.

This is a full-wall set including two basic shoulder wings attached to a pull-up bar. This machine features two 160 pound weight stacks, which can be upgraded to 210 pounds for each side. There are total 20 position settings with 3.2 inch hole spacing from head to toe with the pulleys and a great number of cable crossover workouts with its 180-degree swivel mobility. And you can always use the pull-up bar to take a break from these movements. There are also two adjustable nylon cable handles included in the package in order to assist you in more kinds of exercise. So the number of exercises that you can perform is almost endless with this prominent rival from our list of best cable crossover machines.

The assemble dimensions are 42 in. x 63 in. x 83 in. (D x W x H) with the total weight of 476 pounds. The unit is suitable with people who want to install a durable all-in-one cable tower machine at home at the most affordable price.


  • High quality and very durable
  • Simple but still efficient and robust construction
  • Fully adjustable pulley system
  • Built-in weight stacks and pull-up bar
  • Upgradable weight
  • Very affordable and possible to replace similar expensive products


  • Only suitable for home gym
  • Do not use heavy duty steel as other machines


3. FreeMotion Dual Cable EXT Crossover Machine

The FreeMotion dual cable EXT crossover is added to our list of best cable crossover machines by its ingenious design and outstanding performance and just this state-of-the-art machine itself can offer you a full-set of cable crossover home gym.

This dual cable machine is the best cable machine for your home gym due to its relatively small size with two adjustable handles in lieu of a complex pulley system like many cable machines available. Its frame is constructed with sturdy 7 and 11 – gauge steel tubing in order to deliver excellent performance and support up to 350 pounds. It also comes with two 210-pound weight stacks, which is enough for most exercises even of an expert standard, so you do not need to purchase any weights. With its counterbalanced and arm rotating features, you can freely adjust the handle height to 9-inch position vertically and to 12-inch position horizontally. Therefore, you are able to experience complete free motion of each arm and perform any kind of pulley workouts as you want.

There is no doubt that FreeMotion dual cable extension crossover machine is built to challenge the test of time and backed by a lifetime warranty on its frame albeit you might never need to use it. Some people claim that this is one of the best cable crossover machines that they have ever used. It always functions very well even after 10 years.

The assembled dimensions are 60 in. x 113 in. x 84 in. (L x W x H) and the product’s weight is 925 pounds.


  • Professional craftsmanship
  • Innovative design and extremely high quality
  • Pulley height and arm swing are easy to adjust
  • More versatile than many other products
  • Two 210 pound weight stacks included


  • High price for its high quality
  • Heavy (925 pounds) and therefore non-transportable after assembly


4. Body-Solid PCCO90X Cable Crossover Machine

What makes Body-Solid PCCO90X cable crossover machine become one of the best cable crossover machines in this list is its versatility and affordability for most gym enthusiasts as the unit owns a basic but sturdy construction and offers all kinds of crossover exercises that you need.

The machine has a big frame, which is made of sturdy steel tubing equipped with rubber stabilizers. It includes a steel bar connected with 2 big pulleys on both sides. This pulley system consists of fixed high and low pulleys that are designed to support 180-degree movements. Unlike other Body-Solid dual cable machine models, the bar is actually not used for push-up, but extra optional components are available to buy and push-up bar is one of the options.

The Body-Solid PCCO90X is geared up with the patented nylon bushing technology along with 8 sealed ball bearings to ensure your movements during workout can be smooth and ergonomic. The unit comes without weight stacks and works well with both Olympic plates and standard weight plates. It is always necessary and useful to store some weight plates in your home gym, so now you can use these with this best cable machine.

The assembled dimensions are 112 in. x 39 in. x 82 in. (L x W x H) and the product’s weight is 108 pounds, which is much lighter than many cable crossovers. It comes with 10-year warranty for the frame and 1-year warranty for the rest. If you are looking for the best home gym cable machine with a limited budget, this one is definitely your optimal choice.


  • Budget friendly
  • Full set cable crossover machine with 2 fixed pulleys
  • Workable with both Olympic and standard plates
  • Optional components are available including push-up bar
  • Offer extensive warranty


  • Weight plates are not included
  • Pulleys only have 2 position settings


5. Inspire Fitness FTX

An outstanding cable crossover machine for sale is added to our list by not only its robust construction but also its abundant features and supporting components that are extremely helpful and suitable for users of all skill levels. This is an all-in-one product that has everything you need from a cable tower machine and thus no extra parts are required.

The unit is made of heavy-duty steel in a sleek and modern design with its matte black powder coverage. It consists of two fully adjustable pulleys connected with a sturdy pull-up bar. You can easily adjust the height with 30 varied position settings by its lever-base lock system. Therefore you are able to perform all kinds of movements in any directions. Also, it comes with two 165- pound weight stacks, and therefore buying extra weight stacks is not necessary. Moreover, a big selection of supporting equipment is included such as a curl bar, a chin/dip belt, a triceps pushdown rope and a set of two premium D handles to assist you with more serious exercises. In case you want to add more to your selection, a bench and an abdominal bar are also available to purchase at an extra cost. This makes Inspire Fitness FTX considerably the best cable machine for home gym.

Another point showing that the maker is very thorough is that all of the tools needed to assemble the machine are included in the package, and thus you do not need to use yours to set it up.

The assembly dimensions are 40 in. x 54 in. x 85 in. (L x W x H) and the total weight is 544 pounds. This is one of the best cable crossover machines from our list and suitable with people who love to have an all-inclusive cable machine in their home gym. Many reviewers have rated it as the best and perfect fitness machine.


  • Easy to adjust pulley height with 30 different height positions
  • Two 165-pound weight stacks included, so there is no need to buy any weight stacks
  • Premium quality, sturdy and robust construction
  • Pull up bar included together with many accessories
  • Very compact and does not ask for much room


  • A bit pricey
  • 165-pound weight stacks are sometimes insufficient


6. Body-Solid GDCC200 Functional Training Center

The Body-Solid GDCC200 Functional Training Center is an overall good product in all aspects and usually a favorable pick over many cable crossover alternative products on the vast fitness equipment market. Therefore, it is obvious that this machine is chosen as one of the top ten best cable crossover machines.

This machine has its frame constructed from 2 inch x 4 inch oval tubing and its cables made of aircraft steel to ensure that it can withstand the test of time and probably last a very long time. The pulley machine is constructed with fiberglass-reinforced nylon and adjustable with 20-height positions that allow you to perform 180-degree range of swivel. It also comes with a pull up bar connected with dual sturdy handles and well-padded rubber grips to provide you with stable and ergonomic experience during your workouts.

The unit includes 165-pound weight stacks on each side, so there is no need to purchase separate weight stacks. In case you seek heavier exercises, there are other options of added weight stacks available like 215 pounds, 270 pounds and 320 pounds with very reasonable price tags. For example, you can get the double weight by paying a little amount of extra money, which is definitely worth considering especially for the athletic users.

Assembly dimensions are 43 inches x 73 inches x 84 inches (L x W x H) and the product’s weight is 551 pounds. The highlight of Body-Solid GDCC200 Functional Training Center as one of the best cable crossover machines is that it is very affordable and better with many features compared to other cable crossover products available. Therefore, this best cable machine is suitable with those who are seeking an inexpensive cable machine for their home gym.


  • Well-functioned and durable
  • Inexpensive
  • Comes with two 165 pound weight stacks
  • Pulleys adjusted with 20 height position settings
  • Sturdy and comfortable handles


  • Does not own a fancy look
  • Customers need to pay extra for heavier weight stack versions


7. Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

The Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym is one of the best cable crossover alternative products on the market that can provide you with more than 25 cable crossover exercises for the entire body. You can perform many exercises with its own pulley straps or sitting bench.

You can easily adjust the height by attaching the handles to either the higher pulleys or the lower ones. The unit offers 200-pound resistance without adding weight stacks, so you do not need to buy any extra weights for your exercises. Combining the pulley system and built-in bench, the number and array of workouts that you can perform are abundant and various, ranging from strength and cardio exercises to aerobic sessions. Plus, the unit is well-padded with foam to deliver ergonomic experience as well as support your muscles during serious movements. Another add-in feature may come in quite handy for you is the built-in media rack, so you can keep your phones or tablets there to entertain the whole time while you are burning your calories at the same time.

Because of all these fantastic features and its excellent performance, Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym is absolutely one of the optimal alternatives to the best cable crossover machines available on the market. This set is designed for those who are on a budget and prefer a compact and multi- functional fitness machine.


  • Very affordable
  • Offers 200-pound resistance, so no extra weights is needed
  • Built-in media rack and bench
  • Two handles are included


  • Only two pulley height positions available
  • Cannot add more weight stacks


8. Body-Solid BFFT10R Cable Crossover Machine

Here is another versatile and solid cable crossover machine from the well-known brand Body-Solid that is chosen to present in the top 10 best cable crossover machines. The Body-Solid BFFT10R is a complete unit with all standard gears to assist you with most crossover exercises.

Unlike the conventional wall mount cable station products, this machine is designed with a pull up bar on the top connected with dual pulleys and handles attached to support your whole body with a large ray of motions. The free-swinging pulleys offer 180-degree range of movements and 19 vertical height position adjustments, so you can feel free and flexible to do any type of crossover workouts. A convenient feature of Body-Solid BFFT10R unit, which is similar to a wall mounted cable machine, is its single 190-pound weight stack that can be customized with your exercises swiftly and smoothly without any hassle. You can also add more weights easily if you want to advance your exercises.

Assembly dimensions are 55 inches x 61 inches x 84 inches (L x W x H) and the product’s weight is 309 pounds, which is considered to be a small footprint compared to other bulky versions. Plus, this machine comes with a 3-year warranty for its frame and 1-year warranty for all other components. The unit is ideal for people who do exercise on a daily basis and prefer a solid and simple cable machine to a wall mount cable station.


  • Small footprint
  • Pulleys can be adjusted with 19 height positions
  • Budget-friendly product
  • Built-in chin-up bar
  • Single 190-pound weight stack is included
  • Extensive warranty is included


  • 190-pound weight stack may not be sufficient for some people


9. Marcy Smith Machine Cable Crossover Combo

This all-inclusive machine is actually one of the best cable crossover machines for home gym. It features a wide array of fitness exercises covering most parts of your body.

The Marcy Smith machine cable crossover combo is a compact combination of several machines including cable crossovers, chin-up bar, a Smith machinchese, built-in bench and removable leg developer. This multi-functional machine is designed to help you aim at each specific part of body and offer a full range of strength workouts. As for crossover exercises, the pulleys are non-adjustable as they are fixed at the top of this machine. Therefore, for lower positions, you have to use either the central pulleys, the chest fly station or the bench. However, the high quality material makes up for this issue as its cables are made of aircraft steel that is rated up to 2000 pounds. The Marcy Smith machine is equipped with many useful accessories such as two standard handles, a rope, a straight bar, a V bar and an ankle strap. The system is workable with Olympic plates, which are not included in the package.

Assembly dimensions are 65 in. x 79.25 in. x 84.5 in. (L x W x H) for the cage and 68.25 inches x 26 inches x 45.5 in for the bench. This is certainly a worthy fitness product for anyone looking for an all-in-one cable crossover machine for sale especially given with the price tag that is very reasonable for all of its features attached.


  • Affordable for an all-inclusive machine
  • Extremely versatile and sturdy
  • Multi-functional machine
  • Many accessories included
  • Works with Olympic plates


  • Pulleys are non-adjustable
  • Weight plates are not included, so you have to buy ones yourself


10. Body-Solid Pro Club Line SDC2000G2

The Body-Solid Pro Club Line SDC2000G2 comes from the popular brand Body-Solid with high reputation for fitness product line. Therefore, the quality of this unit is undoubtedly outstanding. Plus, it delivers so smooth and ergonomic performance to all users that it should be in our list of the best cable crossover machines.

This machine is such a compact but still efficient device that can easily fit in an area with the dimension of 3 feet x 4 feet. Therefore, the machine is perfect for any personal gym at home even ones with limited space. There are dual pulleys attached to handles, and the pulleys’ heights are vertically adjusted by simply using a pop-pin arrangement. Moreover, the mainframe is made of 2 inch x 4 inch heavy-duty steel combined with a premium- quality pulley system to ensure the safety and stability of your movements. This tool is also equipped with two 160-pound weight stacks attached to dual cables to increase the resistance of your exercises. With Body-Solid SDC2000G2, you can do more than 100 exercises suitable for any users of any skill levels and sizes.

Assembly dimensions are 39 inches x 46 inches x 91 inches (L x W x H) and total weight is 640 pounds. This product is made to last a lifetime and definitely a perfect fit for people who seek simplicity and efficiency in cable crossover trainers among these best cable crossover machines.


  • Very compact and perfect fit for small space
  • Premium material constructed mainframe and extra parts
  • Pulleys are adjustable by simple pop-pin arrangement
  • Dual 160-pound weight stacks included, so there is no need to buy more weights


  • 160-pound weight stacks might not be enough for some experts
  • A bit pricey


Buying Guides

When it comes to cable crossover machines, there are tons of factors that could make it so difficult to decide which one best suits your need. So let’s list out some key points that you should check thoroughly before making up your own mind.

1. Durability

If you have a cable machine at your home gym, the chance that you and your family members are going to use it on a frequent basis is really high because no one can say No to its obvious benefits and convenience. Therefore, how long the machine can last after numerous workouts is the essential factor you need to consider while choosing your own device. Good news is that most of the best cable crossover machines come with warranty of many years. Some manufacturers even guarantee a lifetime of use. A sturdy, solid and high quality cable machine should always be your priority.

2. Required features

When it comes to cable crossovers, pulley strap system is the must-have feature above other add-ons. You should make sure that the pulley construction suits your requirements, for example, material, height adjustment and comfort. Besides that, cable crossover trainers today also include other tools such as pull-up bar or built-in bench for extra exercises and many more to the point that they become a cable crossover home gym with multi-functional parts. As a result, if you prefer a solid and simple crossover, then you should go for the conventional cable machine. On the other hand, in case you are into having an all-in-one product, there are many ones for sale certainly at a higher cost as well.

3. Size

At first glance, this factor seems to be insignificant. In fact, it might become a trouble under some circumstances. Cable crossovers come in various sizes and dimensions. Unfortunately, chances are that some users have bought their favorite machine before realizing that their home gym or even their house cannot accommodate the unit due to its bulky size and heavy weight. By that I mean, unless you own a spacious gym at home (lucky you) that is big enough for any kind of equipment, you should always compare the product assembly details with your available space before making any purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of working out with a cable crossover machine?

The cable crossover machines are designed to target specific groups of muscle, so you can focus on your legs, arms, biceps, triceps or any other group.

Training with cable machines also provides you with constant resistance when you are working out with weight plates. As a result, you can easily increase your strength as well as endurance and thus build up a stronger core, which is very beneficial for both the elderly and youngsters.

2. Which exercises can I do with a cable crossover machine?

The fact is that you are able to do many kinds of movements with this machine such as bending, squatting, pulling and pushing even when you are just a beginner. After you get used to the system, you can explore more difficult motions that can be combined together or switch easily during your workout sessions. In other words, the number of exercises you can perform is nearly endless.



After reading this whole instruction, you may agree with me that cable crossover machines are incredible systems with their versatility, stability and outstanding performance. This should be the top pick for anyone who wants to set up their own home gym as these machines offer so many benefits and can be an ideal replacement to a whole combination of many types of fitness equipment available on the market. All of our chosen top 10 best cable crossover machines are absolutely worth the money and certainly built to last their owners a very long time.


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