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10 Best Dip Belts Reviews, Tips & Guides

Are you seeking the Best Dip Belts for your house? If yes, you should read our reviews for more details.

If you are into bodybuilding or weightlifter, and you are looking for some items to make your workout more challenging and train your body harder, then why don’t you consider getting a dip belt with chain? It is a belt with loops and carabiners to help you attach more plates so that you can add more weights easily and safely.

As a result, you can work on your body better than ever. Your upper and lower back, chest, shoulder, triceps and biceps, and your thighs will be well trained if you use a weighted bell with chain. It will be suitable for many different groups of exercise, especially exercise like squats, as you can add more weights to your squats and increase your muscles without any chance of harming your shoulder or your spine.

Getting a weight lifting belt with chain will be an effective way to improve your training session without having to pay more for fitness equipment as well as saving more space in your home gym. So if you are interested, then continue to read this. There is a wide range of dip belts for you on the market, and you might be confused, as you don’t know which one is the best for you when they all look strong and wonderful.

Depending on your needs and budget, you should consider carefully to get the suitable one for your home gym. Don’t worry, in this article, we will show you the top 10 best dip belts with the benefits and drawbacks they bring to you. In addition, we will also share with you all the points you need to think twice before purchasing a weighted chains dip and some frequently asked questions so you will get all the information you need.

Now, let’s start with the Top 10 Best Dip Belts on the market now.

Best Dip Belts

[TOP 10] Best Dip Belts Reviews

1. Dark Iron Fitness Leather Dip Belt

When it comes to pull up weight belt, The Dark Iron Fitness Leather Dip Belt may be one of the best dip belts for you to consider. This leather weighted dip belt is so strong that it is able to hold up to 270 pounds with a 40-inch nylon weight strap, instead of chains. It also has 2 spring clips that will support you to release the belt easily when you have finished your workout, or just want to take a break.

This belt is so well-padded that you will feel comfortable when doing the squats or pull-ups. Thanks to it, the back will have more support, while the legs and hips do not have to bear any inconvenience. Moreover, it is backed by lifetime warranty, so you do not have to worry about any problems occurring.

Let’s consider the benefits and drawbacks the Dark Iron Fitness Leather Dip Belt can bring to you


  • Leather belt
  • Well-padded to avoid hurting, yet causes no discomfort when wearing
  • Warranted for lifetime
  • Spring clips are equipped to help open the belt easily


  • One color available: red+black
  • Nylon weight strap instead of chains


2. DMoose Fitness Premium Dip Belt with Chain

The DMoose Fitness Premium Dip Belt with Chain definitely has a place in the list of best dip belts due to many factors.

This weight belt with chain gives you various color options to choose, coming in mixed form of red, blue, white, black, gray and camouflage. This really makes the DMoose Fitness Premium Dip Belt with Chain more appealing than the other simple belts.

Moreover, this belt is well-designed to bring you the most comfortable experience when using it. Made of neoprene, without lead or PVS, this best weight belt will not make your skin itchy while you are sweating, yet it provides enough support thanks to the well-padded back part. It also comes with a 34-inch steel chain that can hold up to 225 pounds, so it will help your workout become more effective and safe as well.

Even considered as one of the best dip belts, it still has some benefits and drawbacks, such as


  • Various color options
  • Free of PVC or lead
  • 34-inch steel chain
  • Quality material to bring the best experience


  • A little bit short chain
  • Weight load limit only at 225 pounds


3. Rip Toned Dip Belt

It is no doubt that you should consider the Rip Toned Dip Belt, as it is one of the best dip belts endorsed by Kevin Weiss, the world champion powerlifter in 2014.

This dip belt with chain has a 34-inch chain and a premium quality carabiner, which makes it so strong and sturdy. It is also well-padded to make you feel comfortable and won’t make your skin feel itchy. In addition, you have various color options of this dip belt amazon, like gray or gray camouflage, red or black.

With the weight load support of up to 200 pounds, this will bring you the best experience while using it. This best weight belt also comes with lifetime replacement guarantee, so you can purchase it without worrying about anything occurring. By that I mean, you can easily return it and get a new one instead.

Besides many benefits that this weight lifting belt with chain brings to you, there are some drawbacks you should consider as well.


  • Chosen by Kevin Weiss, the world champion powerlifter in 2014
  • Premium quality design and chain
  • Longer chain for better working out experience


  • Weight load support only of 200 pounds
  • Doesn’t fit 26 inches and below waits


4. Fire Team Fit Weight Belt With Chain

If you are looking for an unsurpassed weight belt with chain, then this Fire Team Fit Weight Belt with Chain is one of the best dip belts you should consider.

This pull up belt can fit almost all users as it can support up to 300 pounds and is available in two different sizes. To be more precise, people whose waists are under 40 inches and those whose waist are more than 40 inches can easily adjust this belt and use it without difficulty. Made of neoprene, it also comes with a strong carabiner and a 44-inch chain, so it could make your workout more comfortable and safe. You can choose the color you want, black or gray, so that it would suit your other fitness equipment.

Before purchasing this Fire Team Fit Weight Belt with Chain, one of the best dip belts, you should take a look at the benefits and drawbacks it brings to you.


  • High weight load support
  • Top quality material
  • 44-inch chain
  • Two colors option available


  • Not so strong chain
  • It takes time to adjust the belt to fit


5. Force Of Habit Leather Dip Belt

The Force of Habit Leather Dip Belt is definitely on the list of the best dip belts because of many reasons.

Made of leather with anti-slip technique, this belt looks stunning yet brings users comfortable experience while being used. Moreover, this belt can fit almost anyone with a 30-inch chain, so you do not have to worry about any shaking or hitting the weights to your hips and legs. It also comes with a carabiner that can be easily adjusted and takes you no time to release it. Therefore, it will be a vital item for people who want to challenge themselves in the exercises of squats, weight lifting or bodybuilding.

Thanks to its unique design, it is really outstanding from other chain dips, but there are some benefits and drawbacks for you to consider before making a decision


  • High quality material: leather
  • 30-inch chain to support training
  • Adjustable and quick release support carabiner


  • People whose waists are a bit small might feel this belt uncomfortable
  • Only one color option: yellow


6. Brute Belt Nylon Dip Belt

You will have to take a look at this pull up weight bell, the Brute Belt Nylon Dip Belt, one of the best dip belts on the market now.

If you want something simple and strong, then The Brute Belt Nylon Dip Belt is the best for you. It does not have anything that you don’t actually need and can serve all your needs as a weighted dip belt. Coming with 8 loops for you to add more weights, this belt can hold up to 270 pounds. It is made of nylon, one of the most popular material to make the best dip belts and is equipped with two quick release steel carabiners so you can use it more comfortably.

Even with all these benefits it brings to you, there are still some drawbacks you should think twice before buying it.


  • 40-inch nylon belt
  • Camouflage print design
  • Weight load support up to 270 pounds
  • 8 loops to help hold more weights
  • 3 sizes available


  • Nylon made, not steel, chain
  • Suitable for people whose waists are smaller than 43 inches


7. RIMSports Premium Lifting Belt With Chain

On the way to search for one of the best dip belts, you definitely should take a look at the The RIMSports Premium Lifting Belt with Chain.

It is made of cotton, different from the other belts that are made of leather or nylon. This material makes the belt become strong and will cause no itchy feel to your skin. It comes with steel carabiners, 38-inch chain and a metal dip belt to help you use the belt more comfortably. There are two colors available for you to choose, black and camouflage, so you can have every item match in your house gym. The back part of this pull up belt is well designed so that it will fit your body and you still can adjust to have the best workout experience.

Although being one of the best dip belts, The RIMSports Premium Lifting Belt with Chain still has some benefits and drawbacks you should consider


  • 38-inch chain and steel carabiners
  • Can fit almost all people


  • Cotton made
  • People whose waists are smaller may find this belt uncomfortable


8. SPUD Inc Dip Belt (With Chains)

Unlike the other weighted belts, The SPUD Inc Dip Belt (With Chains) is made of webbing, so it is strong and you don’t have to worry about any slippery or itch on your skin. Coming with 24-inch chain and 2 clips, it also has a back part to give you more support while working out. With the weight load support of more than 200 pounds, this will suit many users from beginners to the advanced ones.

Even the best dip belts bring you some benefits and drawbacks, so The SPUD Inc Dip Belt is no exception.


  • Well designed to help you feel comfortable
  • Webbing made
  • Strong and steady reinforced stitching


  • Quite short chain, 24 inches
  • Suitable for people whose waist are 35-inches and below


9. Iron Bull Strength Advanced Dip Belt

Among the best dip belts, the Iron Bull Strength Advanced Dip Belt is popular on the market with many outstanding features.

Made of nylon, the Iron Bull Strength Advanced Dip Belt is strong so that it can be used by people at different levels. This 54-inch weighted dip belt comes in three sizes, so you do not have to worry that it cannot fit your small or large waist. Moreover, its chain is also made of nylon, which means it will bring you comfortable experience while using it. This dip belt amazon will protect you from getting hit on your hips and thighs, and avoiding back hurt due to too heavy weights.

With that strong and simple design, the Iron Bull Strength Advanced Dip Belt will bring some benefits and drawbacks that you should consider before purchasing, such as


  • Strong and well-designed
  • Various sizes available
  • Has three steel anchors


  • Nylon chain
  • Only one color option: black and red


10. Spud Inc – Dip Belt Only

Considering one of the best dip belts, the Spud Inc is well loved by many people because of many reasons. It has double stitching, which means you don’t have to worry any hurt when the belt touches the skin on your hips. The Spud Inc is so well designed that it will be suitable not only for the advanced users but also for people who have just started to train their bodies. You will also love how it fits your waist, without much adjustment, as long as your waist are at average.

Additionally, it is a wonderful item if you are looking for dip belts to replace the old one, as it only includes the belt and the chains and straps are not coming together.

Even being one of the best dip belts, this Spud Inc still has some benefits and drawbacks, such as.


  • Strong double stitched
  • Receives a lot of positive feedback
  • Strong and sturdy


  • One color option: black
  • There’s no chains and straps coming together in the pack, only the belt.


Buying Guides

After the Top 10 Best Dip Belts, you may have your own favorite product. If you are still confused, then let’s take a look at this buying guide, in which we will show you 5 key factors you should check out before making a decision on a weighted belt.

1. Material

The most widely used material for a chain dips is leather, followed by nylon, but each one will bring you different benefits and drawbacks.

Let’s start with leather. Leather makes your belt look stunning, if it is at premium quality. However, the low-quality leather can get mold, grain and cracking damage. What that means is, your weighted belt can’t last long and you will have to get a new one soon. So, the main point is, always go for the top quality leather, not only because it can last longer and save you more, but also because it will bring you nice workout experience.

The other material that is often chosen to make dip belts is nylon. It definitely costs less than leather, so it can be suitable if you are on a budget. Moreover, this kind of material is also strong and flexible. That is why many popular brands use nylon to make their products. Nevertheless, in fact, there are some comments on the nylon that claim that the material can make your skin feel uncomfortable when you are sweating, so you need to choose the right size to prevent your skin from getting itchy.

2. The dip belt’s size

Normally manufacturers provide you with the standard size for almost all weight lifting belts with chain on the market, meaning that the belt will fit you as long as your waist isn’t too small or big. Alternatively, you should go for the dip belts that have some different sizes to choose the one that fits you the most comfortably. Some adjustable belts can also be a good choice for you, as the belt will wrap your waist and hip perfectly.

3. Chain or strap

After reading Top 10 Best Dip Belts, it is obvious for you that there are two main kinds of chain, the real steel one, and the nylon strap.

The chain, which is so strong, will definitely help you to hold more weights, but at the same time, the finish of plates and kettlebells may be affected. Some carabiners are recommended to use together so as to make sure you can add more weights easily.

On the other hand, the nylon strap, which is popular for its flexibility, doesn’t bring more weights to your belt or affect the finish of plates and kettlebells. However, it is quite easy to slip on your waist and hip, so a loading pin is necessary to make it stay at the right place.

4. Lengths of the chain

The standard chain is about 36 inches long, but you can choose the suitable length for you. How long the chain you should choose is also depends on the purpose of your training. For example, if you decide to go for pull ups or chin ups exercise group, a longer chain will be suitable. Otherwise, the shorter will be good enough, especially you are not so tall.

5. Stitching

No matter what material you choose for your belts, it is necessary to ensure the stitching is done carefully. This can affect the lasting time of your best dip belts, as if the stitching is easy to fall out, you will have to redo it or purchase a new one.

6. Some recommended workouts with dip belts

For people who practice weightlifting and bodyweight and want to challenge themselves more, weight belts with chains are often used, and there are many ways to maximize the functions of a dip belt.

Pull ups and chin ups are quite popular to work on your back as well as biceps muscles when using a weighted dip belts. Squats are widely used when you want to train your lower body, the weight added by the dip belts will definitely make the muscles work harder than ever. In addition, dip exercise is also a good exercise for your upper part, especially your triceps and chest muscles.

Nevertheless, the most important thing is that you will have to focus on how you do it, and ensure everything is safe and at the right position. Otherwise, you might get injured due to wrong techniques, and with the added weights, it can be more serious. You’d better start with the light weight first, then adjust more to see how your body feel and get it ready with the intensity level before challenging it more. By doing that, you can prevent your body from getting hurt or any serious damage.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do the weighted bells worth buying?

As you may know, weighted dip belts are widely used by many athletes as well as people who work out and want to build more muscles, such as weightlifters. The weight lifting belt with chain will be a necessary item to have when you feel your workout is no longer challenging your muscles and your body any more. Then that belt will do its job, to hold more plates and add more weights to the workout.

2. What role does the dip belt play in training?

In short, we can say that a weight lifting belt with chain will be an effective way to enhance your training session without having to pay more for fitness equipment. A suitable dip belt can help you train harder at any place, as it is portable and doesn’t take up too much space, compared to other kinds of exercise machines. Moreover, if you love the exercise you are doing and don’t want to change to harder ones, but you still want to challenge yourself a little bit, then a weighted dip belt with chain is definitely an item you should have.

3. Who is a belt squat machine suitable for?

A belt squat machine is used for people who want to take advantage of the squat exercise but don’t want to put too much weight on their shoulders. By just adding more plates or kettlebells to the weighted bells, they can quickly increase the hard level of squat exercises and still avoid harming the upper body muscles.

4. How much weight is a dip belt able to hold?

It varies on different weighted dip belts with chain. You have to check the suitable weight load before choosing one so that you do not have to purchase another one to increase the capacity.

5. What is the right way to wear a dip belt with chain?

Firstly, just wrap your belt around your waist and adjust a little to make it fit, and put the carabiner at your right side. Then put the D loop on your left side and let the chain get through that D loop to fasten your bell. After that, add the weights so that you feel comfortable and ready to start working out. Clip the carabiner to the D ring, then everything’s done.

6. How do you do a weighted pull up without a belt?

You can do weighted pull ups with no pull up weight belt. Instead, you may use a dumbbell but you need someone to help put the dumbbell between your legs. Otherwise, you can use a martial arts G style belt or anything like a fabric belt to attach the weight to your waist. It will be a quick way to enhance your workout result at no time.



Hopefully, after this article, you may have your own favorite weighted belt with chains in those best dip belts we have introduced to you and know what to care about when deciding to buy a dip belt for better workout results. Remember to choose the one that is suitable for your needs as well as your budget, not the one that looks nice or cool only. Or don’t just go for an on-sale dip belt quickly because of the price, as it might bring you more cons than pros.

With the right pull up weight belt, your body and health will be enhanced and you will feel better than ever. Always focus on the position and technique and make sure everything is right, so you don’t hurt your back, spine, and your muscles, or it may cause permanent harm to your body instead of making your body stronger.


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