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Are you trying to find The Best Exercise Bike For Seniors, Best Recumbent Bikes for Seniors? Then you are at the right place, here we give you the Top 10 Best Exercise Bikes For Seniors, and maybe you could choose one that is suitable for your budget as well as your needs.

Nowadays, we can’t deny the benefits that working out brings to ourselves, not only for our physical health but also for our mental one. As a result, people tend to find some machines that can help them to exercise no matter how the weather is, or even build a small gym at home for their family. Using an exercise bike seems to be a good option since it will help us to maintain our strengths through daily activities, relax after a hard day at work and also build some lean muscles. Depending on how much you are willing to pay and how many features you want to have on your bike, we will show you a wide range of choices to consider, even when you prefer a big shiny one or just a simple bike with some basic functions.

Hopefully, you can find the best exercise bikes for seniors after reading this article because the best one must be the most suitable for you and your family, not just the most expensive one.

Best Exercise Bikes For Seniors

[TOP 10] Best Exercise Bikes For Seniors Reviews

1. Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike


When looking for the best exercise bike for seniors, Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike is one of your valuable choices because of many reasons.


Coming with a steady frame and nice seat, Schwinn 270 gives you enough support for the back as well as the lumbar, even for a 10-minute or 1-hour session. You will feel comfortable while using it, thanks to the padded seat and vented backrest.


This bike is so well designed that anyone can use it without difficulty. A suitable height can be set from about less than 5’ to more than 6’, yet it causes no trouble getting on and off when you start or finish your exercise.

How easy it is to assemble

45 to 90 minutes is enough for you (and maybe your family members) to assemble this bike. You can take advantage of its front end wheel to place it wherever you want. Once things are done, you will have the best exercise bike for seniors with the size of 102lb and 64” long x 27” wide x 50” tall.

Easy usage

This machine will bring you no noise while using, with the magnetic resistance system plus smoothly-running pedals and flywheel.

Console and features

Schwinn 270 has a large 13-different-index display screen, like heart rate, cyclometer, or burnt calories. Additionally, this bike has a shelf and speakers for reading/watching movies. With Bluetooth connectivity, your family can sync and save the progress, including 29 programs and 25 levels.

Last but not least, this bike provides you with a warranty for the frame, mechanical parts such as pedals, flywheel, and the electrical parts, at 10 years, 2 years, and 1 year respectively.

In a nutshell, the Schwinn 270 is the best exercise bike for seniors to consider.


2. Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Exercise Bike


Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Exercise Bike is another option for you if you still wonder which one is the best exercise bike for seniors that you need.

Quality and Design

It is equipped with a basic steel frame, 8 levels magnetic resistance, nice flywheel to make it run smoothly and quietly. You will not have to worry about bothering your family while working out with this, so you can get your workout session done any time in the day. Additionally, this bike has hand pedals for you to work on your upper body when riding on it, and tension knobs to easily change to 8 levels.

How easy it is to assemble and easy usage

You can easily unpack and assemble it with some help, then you will have the best exercise bike for seniors with the dimensions of 50″ long x 24″ wide x 49″ tall.

This bike comes with hand pedals to work out on your arms and chest, and a well-cushioned seat and backrest to make you comfortable in your exercise. Moreover, with the capacity of 250 lbs, it can suit all members in your family for the exercise of the full body.

Console and Features

This Stamina Elite Total Body has an LCD display for health and work out indexes like speed and heart rate, so you can track the data and progress easily while working out.

In summary, if you want a nicely designed bike but doesn’t take up too much space, then this will be the best exercise bike for seniors.


3. ProForm 325CSX Exercise Bike


The ProForm 325 CSX is undoubtedly your ideal choice if you want a reasonably priced bike but still brings you experiences just like another expensive exercise bike for seniors.


This bike has a steady and strong frame, made of steel and hard plastic, which enables you to have a safe and stable workout. On the other hand, ProForm 325 CSX weighs 150 lbs, and this makes it harder to place and more around.


You will be satisfied with the wonderful step-through design of this bike, so you can easily use it with no struggle. The well-padded and adjustable seat also gives you the support you need for your lumbar, bringing the most of your comfort.

How easy it is to assemble and easy usage

This one has the size of 57” long x 25.4″ wide x 50″ tall. You should ask for some help and spend about 45-60 minutes together to get this bike ready. Alternatively, about 90 minutes is necessary for you to handle it yourself. The belt-driven flywheel and magnetic resistance will also make you feel comfortable as no sound is made while riding on the best exercise bike for seniors.

Console and Features

22 resistance levels and 23 preset programs as well as iFit and Bluetooth are installed to help you get everything synced and save your progress. Moreover, you can enjoy reading/watching movies while working out on ProForm 325 CSX thanks to the equipped shelf. This bike also has the capacity of 300 lbs weight, which makes it become the best exercise bike for seniors

Besides, the frame is given a lifetime warranty while other parts get a 1-year warranty.

To conclude, the ProForm 325 CSX will be a good bike for you if you want to have the best experience while having a tight budget.


4. Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike


The Nautilus R616 is another premium recline bike that is perfect for the elderly who want a quality machine at a very affordable price.


This best exercise bike for seniors features a sleek and sturdy steel walker that provides good support for the aluminum seat plate and track system. Weighing 44 kg (97 lbs.), this bike is easy to move, yet heavy enough to be steady.


This bike is designed to suit people of all ages and sizes, with an adjustable sliding rail system. The seat has a ventilated back and a well-padded and contoured bottom that support the users’ experience. A bottle holder is attached to the rear left seat, so you can easily access your drinks.

How easy it is to assemble

The instructions will walk you through the process of 10 simple steps. All you need is an hour putting it on your own and only half an hour if you get some help, then you will have the best exercise bike for seniors ready to work out.

Easy Usage

This bike is equipped with large pedals and a weighted flywheel to help people use it more easily. It also has transport wheels for you to move it wherever you want.

Console and Features

With Bluetooth, 29 fitness programs, and 25 levels of magnetism shown on 2 backlit LCD screens, you and 3 other people can easily track and sync your progress on various apps. Besides, a shelf is available for your entertainment workout.

In summary, the Nautilus R616 Recumbent Exercise Bike is a great selection and definitely the best exercise bike for seniors.


5. Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike


If you find the Schwinn 270 too complicated to use because of its various features and prefer a simpler one, so Schwinn 230 will be the best exercise bike for seniors like you.


The steel frame and plastic shroud make the bike weigh lighter than the Schwinn 270, about 81.6 lbs, yet it still gives you the feeling of stability while working out. High inertia perimeter weighted flywheel is also equipped, which definitely will bring you satisfaction.


This bike has an adjustable sliding rail system from aluminum and a vented backrest so that it can make you feel comfortable when working on it.

How easy it is to assemble

The Schwinn 230 will take you 45-60 minutes to set it up, through 10 steps and all you need is already provided in the package. The size of this bike is 64″ long x 27.7″ wide x 49.9″ tall.

Easy usage

The Schwinn 230 will give you the experience of the best exercise bike for seniors, with a system of magnetic resistance, so it runs smoothly and quietly.

Console and Features

22 exercise programs, 20 levels of resistance on 2 LCS screens, and a USB port are ready for you to track and sync your training data in 2 users. Speakers and a shelf are also available so you can keep yourself entertained while working out. Besides, Schwinn 230, the best exercise bike for seniors, has a 3-speed fan for people who don’t like being too hot.

Overall, the Schwinn 230 is an affordable bike to consider, yet it still brings you enough features to make your workout comfortable.


6. Xterra SB2.5r Recumbent Bike


Xterra SB2.5r should be in your best exercise bike for seniors list, in terms of its quality, designs, and features as follows.


With its steel frame and weighted flywheel, Xterra SB2.5r will give you the experience of the best bike for seniors: stable and comfortable.


This bike is designed to suit almost everyone, with the allowed airflow and adjustable seat, as well as the padded, large pedals. You will easily get the most comfortable when working out with it, as it is a stable exercise bike with the size of 58.7″ long x 27.7″ wide x 41″ tall.

How easy it is to assemble and easy usage

A 3 step process will show you how to assemble this bike, which will take you about 1 hour or more to get things ready.

You will love how its well-designed form brings you a comfortable workout, with no shaking or unexpected sounds that may happen on other exercise bikes. Thanks to the flywheel and magnetic resistance as well as the high level of the pedals, your exercise will become smoother and more enjoyable.

Console and Feature

This bike has a large dual backlit LCD screen that shows you 24 preset programs and 24 levels of resistance to set and track your progress more quickly and easily. In addition, it also provides you with an audio jack and speakers to play some music, plus a shelf for your own use, for example catching up with your movie series on a tablet or reading some books.

In a nutshell, this Xterra SB2.5r Recumbent Bike is your best exercise bike for seniors to add to the cart now.


7. Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike


What if you feel like the Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike might be your suitable one, yet you are afraid that it has too many features that you may not use? Then Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike will be the best exercise bike for seniors you are in need of.

Design and Quality

Just like its predecessor, Nautilus R614 has the backrest and seat that are well-vented, in order to let the airflow and give you a stable base while working out. With the sliding rail of the seat made of hard plastic, this bike definitely weighs lighter, and this will make it become easier for you to move around.

How easy it is to assemble and easy usage

You can easily get it ready through the process shown in the instructions. The instructions are very simple, and 1 hour is needed to get it ready if you do it alone. If you can get some help, it definitely will be quicker, only 30 minutes.

Unlike the big pedals of Nautilus R616, Nautilus R614 just gets regular size ones, but this doesn’t cause any inconvenience in your workout. With a weight capacity of 300 pounds, this bike will suit almost all users.

Console and Feature

Nautilus R614 is equipped with two LCD windows displaying 13 exercise indexes, while there are 22 workout programs and 20 resistance levels so you can set the ideal workout for yourself. One big plus for this is that you have some space for your tablet and Kindle, so you can watch a movie or finish your book when training.

Although it comes with a heart rate monitor right on the handlebar, this bike has no Bluetooth connectivity. Do not worry. You still can use a USB port to sync data.

To conclude, if Nautilus R616 is a little bit too much for you in terms of functions and price, then Nautilus R614 will be the best exercise bike for seniors you should get for yourself and your family.


8. Fitness Reality R4000 Magnetic Tension Recumbent Bike


This best exercise bike for seniors is so stable and functional that it becomes our best low-cost choice.

Design and Quality

This exercise bike has a strong steel frame and slim hood with an opening seat, which makes it not only sturdy but also portable, at 60 lbs. Users can definitely change the seat position by the slider so that those under 6’33” tall will comfortably get on this bike despite its compact size, 49″ long x 22″ wide x 43″ tall.

The seat’s large bottom with a back cushion and extremely big belt-driven flywheel pedals which are magnetized will let you drive comfortably and smoothly. However, this exercise bike is just warranted for 1 year.

How easy it is to assemble and easy usage

With simple instructions and available tools in the package, this bike can be set up in about an hour.

It is just a piece of cake to get ready to run this bike, just a little adjustment because it is that wonderfully straightforward.

Console and Features

Although it is reasonably priced, this best exercise bike for seniors still gives you the adequate functions you need: 3 workout programs, an LCD screen, and a holder for your devices.

In summary, Fitness Reality R4000 Recumbent Bike should be the best exercise bike for seniors you are looking for, at an affordable price while still effectively simple.


9. Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike


Let’s take a look at one more budget-friendly exercise bike, the Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Bike, which is one of your best options in the best exercise bike for seniors list.

Quality and Design

Steel frame, large flywheel, big shroud, and padded seat are what this bike brings to the users. However, with the size of 54″ long x 22″ wide x 34″ tall, it is more suitable for people above 5’3”. It also provides you with three years warranty, so you don’t have to worry about any errors happening in your workout sessions.

How easy it is to assemble and easy usage

How this bike is packed will help you a lot in handling and building it, because it is smartly packed and everything you need to assemble is included already. An hour to an hour and a half might be enough to get it done. It is definitely quicker when you get some help. Once it is ready, you will enjoy how smooth, stable and quiet the best exercise bike for seniors is, thanks to the flywheel and magnetic resistance.

Console and Features

This bike will give you an LCD screen showing you the index of your workout and how it affects your body, as well as your target.

Overall, if all you need is a basic and affordable machine to workout, this one may be your best exercise for seniors.


10. Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Exercise Bike


Another best exercise bike for seniors yet reasonably priced is the Marcy ME-709.

Quality and Design

Marcy ME-709 comes with 8 levels magnetic resistance, and a tension knob so you can easily set the intensity of your workout, from high to low. You will enjoy the well-design step-through form of this bike, since you can easily use it when still having space for your legs, back, and knees.

Not only the seat but also the handles are nicely covered in order to give the back and lumbar enough support. It is also very steady and will make you feel comfortable during your workout thanks to the weighted pedals and the additional foot straps that can be changed as you want.

How easy it is to assemble and easy usage

Even though this one is not a very big exercise bike, you will still want some help to assemble it more quickly and easily. Once it is ready, you will love how this best exercise bike for seniors looks: it is simply designed yet effectively strong, no matter what level of your workout is. Marcy ME-709 can fit almost all space in your house and would be a wonderful part of your home gym for your family.

Console and Features

The multi-functional LCD screen is equipped to help you track your workout data, such as: how long is your workout, how fast you are, how many calories have you burnt and how far have you traveled.

However, a monitor for heart rate is not available with this bike.

Overall, Marcy ME-709 will be the best exercise bike for seniors you need, as it can help you to get a machine to work out in a small space yet still brings you results.


Best Exercise Bike for Seniors Buying Guide

Finding the best exercise bike for seniors may not be easy, so we will give some key points to consider in order that you don’t get confused about the various range of available machines in the market.

Monitoring of Heart Rate: A heart rate monitor should be installed in the best exercise bikes for seniors so they could know that important health data and stay in control. As a result, they can adjust the intensity of the workout and get the best results.

Adjustable Seat Size: When it comes to the size of your bike’s seat, it is necessary to get one that suits your body weight. If it can be adjusted, you will have more comfort while working out.

Screen Display: If you can clearly see the health index on the screen, you can know how your workout is and track the progress more easily.

Cost: The best exercise bike for seniors you need is not vital to be the most expensive one, but the most suitable for you. You should consider what functions you will use or not, and thus choose the one which can meet your needs.

Complicated level: Again, you definitely should choose the bike that suits your daily use, so you have no excuse to work out with it. Think twice before getting a complex one, as you might not want to deal with that day by day.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Indoor Biking Suitable For Me?

If you don’t like going to the gym with a lot of people around, why not consider work out at home, with just the best exercise bike for seniors. You will still have training sessions with enough health index and workout program to track your progress. Additionally, cycling is suitable for people of all ages to train their bodies. Yet you can keep yourself entertained with movies, books, and music while exercising.

2. Can Belly Fat Be Reduced By Cycling?

Since cycling requires a lot of butt, thigh, and stomach area muscles, so it definitely helps to reduce fat. Not only belly fat but also your all body fat will be gradually decreased if you keep a suitable workout schedule, for 30-60 minutes per session and 2-3 days a week.

3. Does cycling help to reduce pain in my knees?

Riding a bike doesn’t put a lot of pressure on your knees, and while cycling at the right intensity, you slowly make your knees more flexible. As a result, the hurt on them could be released, as the muscles and the joint are well-cared.

4. Does it hurt my knees working out on a bike?

It’s difficult to say but it actually depends on the way you exercise. Cycling, or any other exercise, can help if you do it right but can harm you seriously if there is not consideration. Always be careful on how you sit and push the pedals, find the best intensity for you, and do not work out excessively.

5. Does cycling on an exercise bike make my back hurt?

Again, the effectiveness of a workout machine really relies on how you use it. If you are working out on a bike that brings you no support for your back and lumbar, it can affect your posture and make your back hurt during/after exercising. On the other hand, an exercise bike will help you to train and enhance your physical health.

6. What type of exercise bike is suitable for seniors?

Recumbent bikes may be suitable as it can decrease pressure on the body parts, such as the back and knees. You just have to find the best exercise bike for seniors within the key points you made, then it will be the one that helps you enhance your health.



In conclusion, finding the best exercise bike for seniors is not difficult, but it takes some time to consider which one will meet your needs without pushing any pressure on your budget. As working out is not only for the young and flexible people anymore, there are a variety of exercise bikes for you to choose from. Hopefully, after reading this article, you have just had your own favorite one. Let’s get it and stay fit right at your home!

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