[TOP 10] Best Leg Extension & Curl Machines Reviews In 2022

Best Leg Extension & Curl Machines Reviews, Tips & Buying Guides

Other than the famous squats, leg extension exercise is also mainstream among other workout exercises. So, if the normal and simple squats seem not enough to you, you might want to consider getting a leg extension machine. Especially, if you want to upgrade your home gym, this machine is also a valuable addition.

Of course, you aren’t going to settle for something less than the best leg extension machine or best leg curl machine for yourself. Let us help you find the one that you have been looking for. Following is the list of Top 10 Best Leg Extension & Leg Curl Machines. Then, we will have a buying guide together with some frequently asked questions to help clarify any doubts you may have. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can make up your mind and choose the best machines for your home gym.

Best Leg Extension Curl Machines

1. Body-Solid Pro Dual Leg Extension & Curl Machine 

This time we have the best leg extension machine and best curl machine from the Body-Solid family. And, we are talking about the Pro Dual version.

Pro Dual differs from the others in its additional weight stack of 210 lbs (95.3 kg) though you will have to purchase the weight stack separately. It’s convenient for doing leg extension at home and you don’t have to get extra weight plates.

The machine is suitable for people of all sizes thanks to its adjustable, spacious, biomechanical seat. It comes padded with back cushion and 12 changeable positions to maximize your comfort. This Body-Solid is versatile with options for both leg extension and curl, just as the name indicates. For a full and incredible experience, 7 different positions for each exercise type are provided.

Other than having the extra weight system, Pro Dual further outcompetes its opponents, thanks to the large 9’’ (22.9 cm) leg cushion. For higher safety and comfort, the machine is also equipped with an adjustable pop-pin thigh hold-down cushion.

Overall, the machine weighs at 505lbs (229 kg), including the weight stack, with full measurements of 66.9 x 39.4 x 23.6 inches (170 x 100 x 60 cm).

Amazon Rating:  5/5


  • Great for commercial use
  • 210lbs included (but paid separately)
  • Spacious leg cushion for comfortable leg extensions and curls
  • Adjustable pop-pin for thigh hold-down


  • Quite bulky, so it takes much space
  • Relatively pricy (though understandable due to its good quality and additional weight stack)


2. Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Olympic Workout Bench

Another one among the best leg curl machines is a product from Gold’s Gym. Let’s take a closer look at the Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Olympic Workout Bench.

The frame for this bench is stable for its components, which are made from steel. The weight capacity stays at 600 lbs (272 kg), including a maximum of 300lbs (136kg) set limit and 300 lbs left for users weight capacity. It comes with 6 positions on a slope-like surface so you can feel free to adjust it to your liking. If you get yourself the XRS 20 Olympic Bench, you’ll see that they have re-attachable curl yoke and a weight adaptor (an Olympic 2” to be exact). It is up to you to use the standard weight plates or Olympic one; do note that you will have to pay for them separately because they do not come in the set.

With this machine, you can isolate your upper body with the curl yoke or combine it with your leg exercises at the leg roll station. The 6-component leg station helps focus tension into your hip flexors, glutes, hamstrings and quads. This particular Gold’s Gym also comes with 9.5-inch safety spotters that are adjustable. These will ensure you an efficient and secure workout session, especially during squat and bench press.

The total weight of the machine is at 60lbs (27.2kg) and takes up a space (L x W x H) of 65 x 49.5 x 73 inches (165 x 125.7 x 185.4 cm).

Additionally, the machine comes with a 90-day warranty.

Amazon Rating: 4/5


  • Can be assembled easily
  • Can be used by people with different heights, even tall ones
  • Very good price for the value it brings
  • Get a Gold’ Gym and the Gold’s Gym great service will follow you


  • Though it can be as good for tall users, it might be not ideal if you are a bit bigger. You might experience annoyance with your legs being too cramped due to the frame being not big enough.


3. Body-Solid Leg Extension Machine (GCEC340)

Now we have another best leg extension machine for sale from the Body-Solid lineups. This machine is designed to withstand your heavy workout with a 7- gauge steel material. The frame is securely stable and absolutely adjustable to cater your different needs. You can easily use weight plates with this machine though they are not included, and you might want to purchase them separately. Plus, leg curl exercises are also doable on this machine. And, there you have your win-win situation.

This machine has foot rollers to assist you in exercises that isolate your desire bottom muscles group. Along with great assistance in heavy-duty workouts, GCEC340 also brings comfort and stability. The experience will be much more enhanced with your provided padded seat and the special DuaFirm cushion. There will also be a pin-lock so adjustments are easily doable.

The overall machine is 49” x 42” x 37” (124.5 x 106.7 x 94 cm) in assembled dimensions. It weighs 97lbs (44 kg) and can take up to 300lbs or more (according to our estimation).  Keep in mind that this is solely our estimation based on the type of frame used while the weight capacity is unlisted by the manufacturer. Thus, it is best you give the manufacturer a visit/call/email to confirm this information before purchasing.

And the best thing is a lifetime warranty provided for this machine from Body-Solid

Amazon Rating: 4.4/5


  • Quality matches commercial use
  • Stable, safe design
  • Suitable for people of all heights
  • Comse with a lifetime warranty
  • Suitable for both leg extensions and leg curls


  • Expensive
  • Assembly guide should be clearer
  • You won’t be able to put lots of weight plates on the weight load because it’s relatively small


4. Body-Solid Leg Curl Machine

When it comes to the best leg curl machine or the best leg extension machine, Body-Solid is a very frequent name you will see when looking around the market. It is because this brand provides great machines with great performance.

This best leg curl machine goes by the full name of Body-Solid Proclub Line 2-Leg Curl Machine (SLC400G2). This model is specially designed for leg curl exercises with a frame made of 2-to-4-inch high tensile steel.

The unique point of this model is the well-designed center-drive cam that allows balanced weight distribution; this helps remove unwanted lateral torque. The cam is shaped elliptically to stabilize the arc of motion and offer variable resistance across maximum motion range.

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about correct posture with the assistance of the precise biomechanical pivot point. It also provides hamstrings isolation and its natural development. This optimizes the alignment of your body during the workout. It also comes with an adaptable pop-pin foot cushion to ensure accurate positioning. It is indeed the best leg curl machine.

The steel cables provided are self-lubricated, coated with nylon, and at an aircraft-approved quality. It also comes with padded upholstery from Dura-firm foam to ensure your ultimate comfort.

This best curl machine measures at 64 x 37 x 62 inches (124 x 158 x 94 cm) and weighs 478lbs (216 kg).

Amazon Rating: 5/5


  • The machine functions smoothly thanks to the self-lubricated, nylon-coated steel cables
  • Extra strength is provided with the fibreglass nylon pulleys
  • This machine can handle up to 210lbs (95kg) in weight so it is suitable for most users


  • It’s only one best leg curl machine so if you want to do leg extensions as well you might want to look into other products


5. TDS Leg Curl Extension Unit

Here we have one dual leg curl extension machine, and it’s a model from TDS. It sets itself apart from other opponents thanks to its origin. This model is totally and entirely handcrafted by American craftsmen. For effective and smooth functions, the structure entirely utilizes solid lead pewter with bush bearings.

You can easily lie down or sit up-right while doing leg extension and leg curl exercises. Also, your hamstrings and glutes will be targeted effectively with the design of this model. The oval pads are of high-quality, combining with the deluxe 3’’ wide cushioned seat, to give you enough comfort through your full workout sessions. The machine can also work well with both standard and Olympic weight plates.

This best leg extension machine is 80lbs (36kg) in total weight. It will take up a space of 67 x 26 x 30 inches (170 x 66 x 76 cm).

The best thing for you grey-colour-lovers out there is that the model also comes in grey color which is a fancy silver grey.

Amazon Rating: 4.5/5


  • Overall smooth operations from solid lead pewter and needle bearings
  • Allows you to target your muscles group effectively during leg extensions and leg curls
  • Great value for an affordable price
  • Easy assembly
  • Suitable for doing leg curl and leg extension at home
  • Great leg curl extension machine


  • Lack of balanced pressure distribution on your legs when weights are added
  • The main centre pad may not be up to scratch


6. Body-Solid S2LEX-1 Pro Clubline Series II

Body-Solid should be among one of the first options for the best leg machine or the best curl machine on the market. This specific Body-Solid we are looking at is the Pro Clubline Series II, with this buddy in your home, you will always be eager before any workout session on legs day. The model is worthwhile until the very last penny you spend despite being arguably pricy; it is made to last through regular daily uses. Deluxe materials compose of this unique structure which is designed to provide desired support and comfort. Its versatility lies in its capability to deliver different leg exercises.

When you pay the cost, you actually pay for the weight stack as well when it is included in the full package. The extra weights vary from generously from 10 to 200lbs. Not to mention, you can change the weight simply by locating the pin at your desired weight point.

Furthermore, as if it hasn’t given you enough comfort, the padded seat is fully adjustable in 7 pre-designed positions. The leg rest is also padded and can be put at numerous starting points to help you isolate desired muscles in ways only you can imagine.


  • Strong and steady thanks to deluxe materials
  • Consists of an extra weight stack
  • Commercial-use quality
  • Backrest in a suitable angled position
  • Easy adjustability for most parts


  • Very pricy


7. Marcy Adjustable Weight Bench

Looking for a leg workout machine that offers more than just leg exercises? Look no further as we now have the Mary Adjustable Weight Bench. It can be useful with workouts for other parts of your body, yet it functions exceptionally on your leg days with a deluxe leg developer. With this amazing machine, you will reach your fitness goal with the most budget-friendly equipment.

The bench is totally adjustable with 6 possible positions, allowing you to work your upper body in various ways. The stable padded sawtooth backrest can be adjusted accordingly for customization and safety. You have all the choices of posture and placement to decide which fits your most. This proves itself to be the best extension machine as well as being the best curl machine thanks to its well-designed leg developer that focuses on isolating the lower limbs.

The machine is cushioned all over the whole structure, where needed, to give protection to certain parts, such as your calves and shins. It minimizes unwanted pressure on muscles groups while keeping you safe. The rollers are also cushioned with thick, dense foam and covered with vinyl and grey powder coating.

This model has a resilient and strong structure which allows the weight capacity up to 600lbs (272kg). It is highly durable, and safe for users of different body types and sizes.

Overall, the exercises operate smoothly and steadily. It weighs 51lbs (23kg) and takes up space of 65 x 23 x 46.5 inches (165 x 58 x 118 cm). It’s generally suitable for doing leg curl and leg extension exercise at home.

Amazon Rating: 4.5/5


  • Affordable
  • Suitable for both leg extensions and lying leg curls
  • A bench with 6 adjustable positions
  • Can be used effectively for upper body workouts


  • Lack of backrest for leg extension exercise


8. XMark XM 7613

XMark is a brand for every users from home to commercial gym across the US. We have here with us a product of this famous brand. With a focus on rotary leg extension exercise, XMark XM 7613 also allows you to do leg curls just as effectively.

With this machine, you can easily isolate and develop your calves to your desired target. Many of its advantages include ankle endurance, improved sprinting and running, and minimization of injuries.

XMark understands the importance of lower body placement and it shows clearly on their best leg extension machine. The 11-gauge, 2’’x3’’ steel frame comes with a scratch-proof, grey powder-coated cover; all parts are balanced on skid-resistant legs. The design is made to last while projecting a professional look. The leg pad and seat come with a cushion made of thick long-lasting Duracraft vinyl for great support and comfort.

XM 7613 uniquely provides leg lift properties and thigh pads with adjustable height. The pads will roll correspondingly as you lift your legs. Thigh pads and weight arm’s length can both be changed with the easy pop-pins system. To provide further comfort, XMark also includes handles with rubber handgrips, slip-free footrest coated with rubber, and double weight posts for balance.

It is user-friendly, so you do not have to worry about assembly. You can also find a downloadable PDF manual for this best leg extension machine on the brand official website.

Amazon Rating: 4.5/5


  • Affordable and long-lasting
  • Suitable for leg extensions and leg curls
  • Strong and stable structure
  • Thick Dura firm pads


  • There may be some difficulties climbing on and off the machine


9. Weider XRS 20

With a humbly simple and space-saving design, this best leg curl machine is stronger and steadier than it looks. Whether you need the traditional chest press, the leg extension exercises, or the bicep curls, its versatility offers you all. And, the best part is that Weider XRS 20 is extremely affordable.

The design allows you to switch between exercises with just a bit of adjustment on the legs and curl pads. Leg extensions are best performed on the lower pair of pads while protecting your shins and calves. You can focus more on glutes, thighs and hamstrings on the upper pads pair.

The main bench is adjustable with 5 provided positions while the curl pad and yoke are both detachable. The full set-up includes the XRS 20 bench, the 7-foot barbells, the independent squad rack and the 2’’weight plates (to be purchased separately). With the complete assembly, you can ditch your gym membership because you already have the full experience at home.

It might look rather simple but this best leg curl machine is beyond steady and stable, and it is capable of doing more than what meets the eyes. All these powerful features are yours without having to break the bank.

Amazon Rating: 4/5


  • Very affordable
  • Space-saving
  • Easily adjustable
  • Suitable for a variety of exercises, not just ones that involve legs
  • Strong and stable structure while being very simple


  • The sitting position may be a bit too high off the ground


10. Body-Solid Leg Extension with Weight Stack

If you are looking for the best leg curl machine or the best leg extension machine, there is a high chance that you have bumped into the brand “Body-Solid” quite a few times. Here we have one best leg extension machine to from this famous to present to you.

The model has a slick yet steady design from the 2’’x4’’ mainframe. It gives this Body-Solid product the ability to handle effectively up to 310lbs (140kg) in weight via the weight plates. This best leg extension machine is designed to bring you safe legs positions through its adjustable leg brace and seat.

The deluxe Durafirm is used efficiently for both the rollers pads and the cushioned seat to maintain and strength the quality of the machine’s components while ensuring great comfort and safety for users. The manufacturing engineered this leg extension machine to a specific biomechanical precision so that users can maximize outcomes each and every workout session.

Moreover, consistency of exercises is well-emphasized in this Body-Solid leg extension machine as its centre drive is designed to align with the pivot point. The complete assembly weighs up to 437lbs (198 kg).

The machine includes aircraft-quality, lubricated cables with the fibreglass vinyl pulleys. They allow the full structure to carry a weight stack of up to 210lbs (95kg).

This best leg extension machine is one of the most expensive leg extension and leg curl machines on our list. One more thing to mention, this doesn’t have any properties for leg curl exercises.

Amazon Rating: 4.5/5


  • Extremely comfort thanks very thick cushion
  • 310lbs (140kg) of weight plate resistance
  • Warranty for a lifetime
  • Strong, steady and safe design
  • Fibreglass, nylon pulleys


  • Very expensive
  • No properties to perform leg curls


Buying Guide

The following buying guide provides detailed information about the advantages and disadvantages of having the best leg extension and leg curl machine.

1. Benefits of Leg Extension & Curl Machines

Situated in the front portion of the thigh are quadriceps muscles, this is the essential focal point of leg extension exercises. If you are interested in knowing the Latin names, these muscles are called rectus femoris and vastus muscles.

This knee extension machine reinforces key connections of the knee joints by expending the quad muscles size and strength, only if you do it properly. When you want steadier and more grounded thighs, you should consider combining leg extensions with leg curls. This allows higher legs endurance and increases your running speed.

Therefore, when it comes to isolating the quads during your workouts, leg extension exercises are among the few selections you can choose from.

2. Leg Extension Exercises’ Disadvantages

Although they prove to be beneficial, these exercises are not perfect. In other words, it isn’t a mutually advantageous situation because of some drawbacks. This is mainly because the exercise applies pressure on the ACL (short for front cruciate tendon) in our knees. Hence, these exercises prove to be helpful for you unless you suffer from any knee pains or injuries. If you are looking for a knee extension machine, you need to be careful as well.

Moreover, lateral patellar deviation, which means having your kneecap dislocated, which associates closely with ACL tension. It is very painful and may cause major injuries.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will legs extension exercises do me any good?

Regularity of leg extensions gives you great advantages in terms of hiking, running or walking, especially up slope-like surfaces. It productively increases your legs’ strength, stability and speed.

Also, it helps to strengthen your quads, thus, improve your performances during weight squats. It means you will be able to handle more reps than you usually do with more strength and stability.

One bonus thing is that you get to practice the kicking movement. This is thanks to the natural movement of the leg extension being similar to the way one kicks a ball.

2. Without a backrest, is there any risk of back injuries?

It depends. Any back support from a leg extension machine is especially important if you suffered or are suffering from back injuries or any kinds of back pain. This is for your own safety and will not turn your condition into something worse.

If there’s still no backrest, how to solve it? Don’t worry if you know how to hold your ankle, hip and back at a 90-degree angle. Utilize the side handle, if there’s any. Lastly, you may consider starting your workout with a lower weight to ensure you have your posture aligned correctly.

3. How regularly should I schedule my leg day?

Keep in mind that there should be at least 48 hours between workout periods. Thus, you should go for leg extensions daily since it increases the risk of burn-out muscles and even injuries. So, you need to keep that harmonic balance within your body.


Last Thoughts,

Leg extension and leg curl machines vary from brands to brands and from models to models. Therefore, you need to be conscious and be very careful when deciding what to purchase, in order to not end up getting the wrong machine at an undesirable price.

There are a few categories you should know in evaluating the best leg extension and leg curl machine. They include motion control (the consistency and smoothness of each rep), adaptability (the adjustability to fit users’ body and preference), easy approach (how easy it is to use), overall fit (choose something that fits you the most), and last but not least, comfort (is it comfortable enough?). Other factors to consider are the weight capacity (the maximum weight one machine can handle) and the materials used for the components of it.

These factors are already listed in the order of the most important to the least important factors. Now that you have the list of criteria, you can easily but carefully evaluate every potential product and find the one that is most suitable for you.

Once you’ve got your dream machine, there is one last thing to be aware of and that is the position of your body while using the machine. Remember to start off with the lower weights and slowly make you way up the weight scale. Make sure your back is pressed flat on the bench (while lying down) or on the backrest while your hips, knees and ankles create a 90-degree angle collectively. Nonetheless, you should always console with your personal trainer or physician before starting any workout to avoid injuries or worsen your already established ones.

And that is the end of our top 10 best leg extension and leg curl machines. We hope you find it very helpful and we wish you the best of luck finding your desired machine.

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