[TOP 10] Best Preacher Curl Bench Reviews In 2022

10 Best Preacher Curl Bench Reviews, Tips & Guides

Are you looking for the Best Preacher Curl Bench for your house? Look no further! You may check out our list for more details.

Needing something for your bicep workout? Looking for a valuable addition to your home gym? Have you ever thought of getting a preacher curl bench for your home workout? If these thoughts ever crossed your mind once, you are at the right place. These preacher curl benches are quite affordable, much to most people’s amazement.

There are many different sizes on the market you can choose from for your home space. They also come in distinguishable structures and shades of colors. However, do you know all the perks of having your preacher curl bench? Let’s find out below!

[TOP 10] Best Preacher Curl Bench Review

You can now put a check next to the “knowing the perks of getting a preacher curl bench” line on your to-do list. Then, we can proceed to the suggested products. Whichever tool attracts your attention, our list of the best preacher curl benches hopefully will provide you with adequate information and suggestion for your purchase decision. Now let’s get started!

1. Valor Fitness CB-5 Preacher Curl Station

Here, on the list of the best preacher curl benches, we have a product from the Valor Fitness family. The high-quality materials used for this particular machine explains its higher price compared to its opponents. It is said that the CB-5 Preacher Station doesn’t settle for less.

This preacher bench uniquely comes with dual positions of arm curling, meaning that you can work with it from both sides. It outperform other preacher arm curl benches on the market due to the availability of various movements and postures.

Strong design and stable quality are some of the features the best preacher curl benches should have. The 2” x 2” heavy-duty steel frame, which is capable of withstanding heavyweights, comes with an option to be bolted to the ground to further stabilize the whole structure (though it doesn’t include the hardware).

Additionally, the safety catches on both the machine’s sides are designed to be 19.5” long, extra length for maximum security during heavy lifting workouts. It sustains well with the scratch-proof plastic cover.

Alongside safety, an excellent preacher curl bench should bring comfort. Understanding that fully, Valor Fitness provides stress-free padding that is deluxe and double-layered. Straight pad and angled ones are 11.5” x 23.5” and 14.5” x 24” in measurements respectively.

The full assembly measures at 45” x 30.5” x 45.5” (114.3 x 77.5 x 115.6 cm). It comes with an EZ curl bar that needs to be purchased separately. For the CB-5 Preacher Curl Station, Valor Fitness provides 2-year protection for the padding and a 3-year warranty for the frame.

Rating: 4.5/5


  • One of the best preacher curl benches
  • Strong and sturdy structure
  • Good, safe design
  • Dual-padded, top-tier cushion
  • Easy to assemble
  • Suitable for light-commercial usage


  • Relatively expensive


2. Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Olympic Bench

Gold’s Gym presents a workout bench so multifunctional that it becomes one of the best preacher curl benches on our list. In essence, the XRS 20 Olympic Bench is a weight bench with preacher curl and leg developer.

The machine can withstand up to 600lbs (272.2kg), meaning that 300lbs (136.1kg) for user weight and another 300lbs for weight set capacity. This is supported by the sturdy steel frame design.

The included padded preacher cushion has its top rolled to provide more comfort during workout. The preacher curl on bench assists in isolating your forearms and bicep muscles properly and effectively. Moreover, the bench also comes with a removable curl yoke to provide exercises for a more toned and firm upper body. It can be detached easily should you need to perform legs exercises (some gears assembly is required).

As mentioned above, this is a weight bench with preacher curl and leg developer. The later comes with 6 rolls to facilitate you while targeting your hip flexors, hamstring, quads and glutes. Aside from the cushioned preacher pad, the sewn vinyl seats are also well padded.

Understanding the importance of safety, Gold’s Gym also provides safety spotters that are adjustable for this design. You can stay assured while performing any squat type workouts or bench press in addition to these safety spotters.

Rating: 4/5


  • A multifunctional bench suitable for various exercises
  • Both standard and Olympic weight plates can be held on the holder
  • The preacher can be removed to switch gears to the leg developer for legs exercises


  • Athletic heavy lifting may exceed the bench’s weight limit of 600lbs
  • If you want to lift heavy weight, you will have to use larger plates to fit the plate holder’s length
  • The back cushion might be too small for you to lie down during exercises


3. Goplus Preacher Curl Weight Bench

Another product made it to our list of the best preacher curl benches is a product from Goplus. The brand has proven itself to be a famous brand in the race of fitness equipment and machine supply.

Why is it? They gain their reputation for the utilization of heavy-duty steel that’s suitable for commercial uses on their preacher bench for sale. This particular preacher curl weight bench is not an exception. It means the machine will last for a long time and is capable of handling heavyweight, which, in this machine’s case, is up to a limit of 330lbs (149.7 kg). Thus, it can easily handle both you and your dumbbell if you’re using one.

Every part of this preacher arm curl bench including the padded seat and the padded arm piece, is fully adjustable. It also comes with 5 adjustable height levels ranging from 20.9” to 28.7” (53 to 72.9 cm), allowing various options for people of different heights.

For further comfort, the seat pad and arm pad both use cushions made of high-density foam. These firm, stain-free pads create great comfort and minimize body fatigue or possible injuries during the workout.

Additionally, storing has never been so convenient thanks to the smart space-saving construction.  The design includes 4 footpads at the bottom end of the machine’s legs to save you from damaging your beautiful floor while working hard towards your fitness goal.

This multifunctional bench with preacher curl works well for exercises that require dumbbells. You can do a myriad of exercises on this machine effectively to strengthen and tone up your upper body parts, core, abs and other muscle groups.

Rating: 4.1/5


  • Affordable
  • Great quality steel suitable for commercial uses
  • Steady and strong structure
  • Space-saving design
  • Slick, smooth overall surface


  • Has a smaller arm-pad than other best preacher curl benches
  • If you are a big guy, this machine might be too compact for you (make sure to check the measurements of the machine before purchase)


4. Merax Deluxe Foldable Utility Weight Bench

Are you just starting your journey into the workout world and, more specifically, the world of preacher curl benches? We have a product just right for you, presenting the deluxe foldable utility weight bench from Merax, one more on our list of best preacher curl benches. Everything is handpicked and tested by the brand to ensure your amazing performance and experience.

This machine right here sure is a tough one. The high-quality steel frame made especially for heavy-duty workouts, combining with the smart low-profile design, can withstand a maximum weight of 800lbs (362.9kg).

This bench is made to last. Utilizing high-quality, durable vinyl as the base for the pads, the seat and backrest are waterproof. Thus, it will soon restore its spotless form after one easy wipe, even after an intense workout session. Rest assured that you, along with your weights, are both well-supported during your routine.

Furthermore, this machine also comes with a firm back pad that is adjustable with 6 different positions. Easy adjustments can be made with a handle on a slope-like bar. You can choose the perfect sit-up posture that matches your bench curls exercise the most. Speaking of adjustment, this is an adjustable bench with preacher curl that also has 4 adjustable heights to fit most users.

Every pad on this Merax is made from high-density foam material to provide a soft, yet, firm surface overall. It prevents tensions and pressure on in-contact body parts after a long workout, during sit-up or weight press and lifting.

Rating: 4.5/5


  • Different from traditional versions, this machine allows a variety of workouts
  • Come with an Olympic adaptor to help secure the weight plates whether their holes are big or small
  • Provide various positions, such as incline, decline or flat, so you can choose whichever position to fit your desired sit-up posture


  • The curl attachment cannot be removed, so some people may find it excessive for their workout
  • The bench’s height may create difficulties for shorter users


5. Marcy Folding Standard Weight Bench

The leading workout tool manufacturer, Marcy, has a product among our best preacher curl benches. This is the Mary Folding Standard Weight Bench whose quality is commercially luxurious.

Constructed from long-lasting steel, this machine is made to withstand heavy-duty uses. The design allows plenty of space for your body and workout positions while having enough strength and stability during your intense routine. The structure keeps the machine’s parts securely together to give you the most out of your exercises.

Speaking of the design, this equipment right here is fully and wholly foldable. Conveniently, the whole structure can be folded for easy portability between different workouts. Also, thanks to this feature, storing your bicep curl bench has never been so effortless. It’s space-saving, time- saving and attempt-saving.

This full package is a weight bench with leg extension and preacher curl, perfect for a full-body workout session. The seating can be adjusted according to your workouts with dumbbell, barbell or without any equipment. Bench positions you can choose from include flat, incline and decline. Feel free to move it however you need and work towards your dream body.

Moreover, the machine provides great comfort. All surfaces that come into contact with your body are well-padded. From the leg developer’s 6 rollers, the seat to the backrest and the preacher curl pad, everything is cushioned with firm foam for your greatest comfort. You won’t have to worry much about unwanted tension or fatigue with this machine.

Rating: 4.2/5


  • You can do weight- lifting on this bench which has 4 possible positions.
  • Fully foldable, convenient mobility and storage
  • This bicep bench has a weight capacity of up 600lbs (272.2 kg)


  • The complete machine has 180 parts which will require a bit more effort to assemble


6. Pure Fitness Adjustable Seated Preacher Curl Bench

Do you want to know more of the simple and compact best preacher curl benches that still do the work effectively? Look no further than the Pure Fitness Adjustable Seated Preacher Curl Bench.

This space-saving machine, which measures at 38.7″ x 28″ x 37.4″ (98.2 x 71.1 x 95 cm), will look stylish and modest in your home gym regardless of the size. Though small, it sure is one mighty bicep curl bench. This little fella right here can withstand a maximum weight of up to 350lbs (158.8kg). What’s more, this preacher curl bench features a convenient and sturdy barbell cradle to make your workout a bit easier and safer! Pure Fitness has surely thought about longevity and stability while designing this preacher bench for sale.

The best thing about it, did you ask? It allows no cheating during lifting, whether it’s intentional or accidental. The preacher curl pad is positioned in a slop-like angle that effectively isolates your arm muscles. In this way, potential “cheating” will be eliminated and you are left with a productive workout session while keeping correct postures.

Not forgetting about your comfort, the preacher curl pad is also adjustable diagonally along the angle of its frame. Thus, you can adjust this cushioned pad until it reaches a suitable position, preventing any possible welt, chafing or dangerous injuries.

Finally, this is one of the mobile best preacher curl benches. Pure Fitness brilliantly includes the tilt-and-roll wheels for you to mobilize it easily to your favorite spot or storage room.

Rating: 4.3/5


  • Very affordable
  • Stylish and sturdy design
  • Maximum weight capacity goes up to 350lbs
  • Convenient transport wheels for easy mobility


  • The overall machine is quite light, so you may risk it tipping over if you overload it with too much weight.


7. Body-Solid Powerline PPB32X Preacher Curl Bench

Body-Solid is a renowned brand when it comes to the gym or home workout equipment. Therefore, a list of best preacher curl benches would be incomplete without a product from this brand. Thus, here we are with one Body-Solid’s preacher curl bench for sale, the Powerline PPB32X.

This one is among the smaller best preacher curl benches. It measures at 37” x 33” x 36” (94 x 83.8 x 91.4 cm) while it weighs around 42.6lbs (19.3 kg). Despite its humble size, it is incredibly sturdy. The wide, strong structure helps the machine stay consistent in place while you safely proceed with your routine.

Expectedly, a Body-Solid inherits the quality and standard from the manufacturer’s lineups, strong steel frames with a warranty of 10 years. That’s the durable heavy steel to contain you and your extra tools, up to a maximum weight of 300lbs (136 kg). Moreover, this adjustable bench with preacher curl is designed to withstand heavy-duty workouts for quite a long time.

This workout bench with preacher curl arm pad is so well designed that it is highly effective. In other words, the ergonomic preacher curl cushion helps remove possible cheating and prevent unwanted tension by keeping your posture correctly and isolating just the right muscle groups.

Furthermore, for more comfort, this Powerline PPB32X comes with a broad seat pad. Finally, it is also adjustable. You can choose whether to lower or raise this comfortable cushion and make it suitable for your body and workout.

Rating: 4.7/5


  • Affordable for a great quality
  • Excellent for people 5’10” and under, also fits perfectly for women
  • Stylish design and modern protective color


  • Only the seat is adjustable and not the arm pad


8. Marcy 150-lb Multifunctional Home Gym Station for Total Body Training MWM-990

One of the brands that are famous for delivering great value at affordable rates on the fitness equipment market is Marcy. Yes, it is indeed a very familiar name for fitness lovers; if you are that one, this Macy Multifunctional Home Gym Station may be the right fit for you.

This one machine is like no other best preacher curl benches. The whole structure of 68” x 36” x 79” (172.8 x 91.4 x 200.7 cm) is supported by premium heavy-duty 14-gauge steel featuring guard rods to manage weight during your routine. A weight stack of 150lbs is also included. You can select your desired weight load according to your level and different workouts. Rest assured that you can control unauthorized uses with a provided safety lock.

Furthermore, to help tone your upper body muscles, the dual-action press arms allow effective vertical butterfly and arm press exercises. Get yourself this multifunctional machine today to work your way to your dream pectorals, triceps, biceps and muscles. Switching tools is just an easy attach or detach of a pin!

Of course, one of the best preacher curl benches must have a certain level of comfort; the Marcy MWM-990 is no exception. From the generously wide padded seat to the highly dense, cushioned upholstery, they are your best friends in minimizing unwanted tension and possible grazes. You can adjust or disengage the preacher curl pad effortlessly when you find the right position to target your bicep accurately.

What an effective weight bench with leg extension and preacher curl! With just one versatile piece of equipment, you can tone your muscle and stay lean productively. Furthermore, this kind of resistance exercises helps boost your metabolism and effectively burn excessive calories. Better yet, you can do all of them in the comfort of your home thanks to a design that brilliantly combines leg and arm stations for a full-body workout facility.

Rating: 4.3/5


  • For the functions that it performs, this is a very affordable machine
  • Tank-like, strong and sturdy structure from 14-gauge steel
  • A complete gym in the comfort of your home


  • Assembly is difficult
  • The butterfly motion rage could be bigger but not a very considerable point


9. Marcy Olympic Weight Bench for Full-Body Workout MD-857

Are you looking for the best preacher curl benches that support full-body workouts even at home, look to Marcy Olympic weight bench MD-857!

With a typical size and comfortable design, it will satisfy all your needs to get that dream, lean body. Whether it’s your core, arms, legs or chest, you can target everything with this machine. Built for endurance, longevity and needed comfort, machine parts, made with vinyl, firm foam and rugged, are supported on a safely sturdy construct.

A knee-aligned pivot point and an abdominal locking mechanism make up a dual-feature leg developer. That, combining with the high-density preacher arm cushion, helps correct your posture and focus the tension on the targeted muscles. Proper lifting position is achieved with some adjustment to the sliding seat and backrest. Just find your suitable setting and proceed to your right body alignment while making the most out of your exercises and bench curls.

You don’t have to worry much about storage space, just fold it in once you have finished your workout and put this space-saving machine wherever suitable.

Rating: 4.5/5


  • A weight bench with preacher curl and leg developer, perfect for a full-body workout
  • The bench, seating and backrest are all adjustable
  • Padding is available in the arm curl pad, leg rollers and the bench
  • Foldable for easy storing
  • It’s a preacher curl bench Amazon provided with Prime eligibility


  • Confusing, poor instructions
  • Can be shaky though it’s a common problem of foldable benches


10. Hoist Fitness HF-4550 Seated Preacher

This little yet mighty product from Hoist Fitness is among the best preacher curl benches. The HF-4550 is a machine of high quality made from heavy gauge steel, allowing it to carry an impressive total weight of 1200lbs (544.3 kg). That weight is made up of the 400lbs (181.4 kg) maximum load respectively for the weight hook, the armrest and the seat.

It’s a great workout bench with preacher curls that comes with 8 possible positions for its adjustable and removable seat. Moreover, for different arm lengths, HF-4550 features 2 rack-out tier positions. “Safety first”- Hoist Fitness understands that. Therefore, it has equipped the machine’s legs with a non-slip surface to ensure its consistency on the floor during your intense workout session.

Finally, you should keep in mind that assembly is needed. However, it’s not very difficult and only takes you around 30 minutes. After that, it’s good to go.

Rating: 4.5/5


  • Weigh at 60lbs (27.2 kg) overall from premium heavy steel
  • Doesn’t matter if you have long arms or short arms, this machine works great with 2 rack-out positions
  • Secure and steady design with non-slip surfaces for the legs


  • The pricey aspect is the only downside; however, compared to the quality you receive, this price is completely understandable


Things to Consider Before Making Your Purchase


This is one of the aspects that ensure safety during your work out session. A preacher curl bench needs a guarantee of stability, especially when carrying a weighted bar. The frame should be able to contain itself on the ground when you work with barbell extensions. Most importantly, a steady and balanced structure will prevent the bench from rocking back and forth in the middle of your exercise. High-quality steel, wide feet and smart designs are often recommended.

Preacher Pad

Along with a steady frame, the best preacher curl bench should also have an accordingly high-quality preacher pad. Stay away from pads made of composites or cheap particle boards, as these won’t last for a long time. The width of the pad is also very important. There should be enough space for comfortable weight lifts. Finally, the pad must allow you to maintain your correct form, or injuries are unavoidable.

Got Enough Space?

If you have a huge home gym and plenty of space for more machines, you can skip this aspect. However, if you are like most people with a humble home gym, be sure to consider your available space before purchasing any benches. Consider getting a multi-purpose bench if you are short of space yet still wish to have a fully equipped home gym.

Which Level Are You at?

Are you a beginner or a pro at your work out game? If you have just started your journey into working out with preacher bench with your limited equipment, choose a multifunctional one that allows you several exercises such as preacher curl, legs press, bench press, etc. However, if you own a fully equipped home gym, the only additional tool you need is properly a stand-alone preacher curl bench.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

An ideal preacher curl bench should be structured in a slop-like angle, not completely vertical, to perform this exercise to the fullest.

Before purchasing make sure you take time to find out your exact need. Also, console with your physician, especially if you have suffered from any pains or injuries, before looking for a product. Knowing your current situation, carefully browsing the market and understanding certain benefits you get from each option are some advice we have for you.

Consider everything carefully before welcoming a new member tool to your home gym.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Muscles Group Are Preacher Curl Benches Made for? 

A preacher curl bench focuses mainly on the lower bicep muscle (also known as brachialis) whether it is a standing preacher curl bench or a sitting one. This muscle group, which controls the flexion at the elbow joints, can be targeted with the use of either dumbbells or barbells.

Because they are designed to target bicep muscles, the preacher curl benches allow you to focus the pressure mainly on the correct muscle groups. Also, they help minimize risks of injuring your lower back during dumbbell or barbell curls while standing.


2. How Do Home Preacher Curl Benches Differ from Commercial Ones?

If you have done a few searches on the Internet, you may find that commercial preacher machines are very different from the standard preacher curl benches. The biggest difference is the pricing point as commercial machines are understandably and significantly pricier. Commercial ones come pre-programmed while having extra weights added.

In contrast, home preacher curl benches are priced at a surprisingly lower point. However, because of the low price, the curl bar is not included. You may consider purchasing one weighing from 15 to 25lbs (6.8 to 11.3 kg).

Whether it is the commercial preacher machine or the standard preacher curl, the choice entirely depends on your decision and personal preferences.


Last Thoughts

That’s is our list of the best preacher curl benches on the market. Just get yourself a curl bar and a preacher curl bench Amazon distributes and you are satisfied with your arms workout. They work wonderfully targeting your bicep and triceps areas.

The important thing here is that you know what to be aware of looking at the best preacher curl benches. A few of those things can be the equipment’s steady establishment, adjustability, the padding and your budget. How much are you willing to pay and what level of quality do you need for a preacher curl bench for sale?

When in doubt, you should always consult with your physician or personal trainer regarding your needs and way to use the machine. Make sure that you proceed safely in an informed manner.

We hope you find this list helpful and we wish you the best of luck getting your very best preacher curl bench.


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