[TOP 10] The Cheap Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews In 2022

10 Cheap Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews, Tips, and Guides

Are you looking for the cheap adjustable dumbbells? If yes, we are here to help you to understand them better.

Are you a bodybuilder? Do you have a desire to equip your home gym with all tools and equipment to derive the most wonderful benefits from your workout? If your answer is “YES”, I am sure that you are in need of some kind of weight for your power rack.

As a whole weight rack and barbell system may take up too much room, making use of one of the cheap adjustable dumbbells to support you in working out is a good idea, isn’t it? I know that it is quite hard for you to find the best affordable dumbbells when there are hundreds of models offered on the market.

Therefore, I am writing this article to assist you in picking out the best affordable adjustable dumbbells. Hopefully, your choice will be one of the cheap adjustable dumbbells I will recommend below.

Cheapest Adjustable Dumbbells

BUYING GUIDE – What are the best ways to select the cheap adjustable dumbbells?

Fitness is becoming more and more popular in a modern society, so the majority of people pay much attention to keep their bodies in shape. Personally, I believe these cheap adjustable dumbbells would be your best companions ever.

However, it might take you a lot of time to figure out which are cheapadjustable dumbbells as thousands of dumbbells are provided both on the online and offline market. Let me help you make a great deal for cheap adjustable dumbbells through some tips of mine.

First of all, the plates of cheap adjustable dumbbells should be switched out with ease.

It is great if your set could supply you with a variety of selections. As far as you are concerned, it is inconvenient for you to just lift the minimal weight time after time, so make sure that your cheap adjustable dumbbells have plates that can be switched out without any difficulties. Furthermore, the durability of these plates must be great, and noise should be not made after a long time of use.

Before making purchases of any adjustable dumbbells cheap, you should consider reviews of those having already bought them

Personally, I suppose that the first thing you need to do when you desire to buy adjustable dumbbells cheap is to read all reviews of the best adjustable dumbbells cheap. I myself always do it and I am sure that this measure is the best way to make wise decisions.

Please bear in mind that products with five-star rates do not necessarily meet all your requirements, so you should consider which benefits your possible cheap adjustable dumbbells will bring to you and their brand names instead.

Moreover, it is not true that products at higher levels of prices will satisfy your requirements perfectly. Therefore, please pay much attention to your demand first and then look for cheap adjustable dumbbells. I am sure that my helpful reviews will support you well, so don’t scroll down and give this article a careful read.

If you want to set the encompasses for the minimum and maximum weight, please choose your set carefully to meet your demand

If you have a detailed plan related to encompass for maximums and minimums when you do exercise, let’s pick out the equipment including both the lightest and heaviest levels of weights. No one wants to purchase something and outgrow them in a short period of time. Moreover, make sure that the plates of your dumbbells will not slide during use.

Before making your final decision, bear in mind that the fitness machine will go along with a bumper placed in between the plates and the fastener and the slides bring slight wiggle room and securing agent keeping securely the dumbbells in their positions.

Do your dumbbells save your space?

Saving space is considered one of the most essential factors that you need to pay much attention to when making a deal. It is great if your dumbbells will not take up too much your room. In addition, it would better if it can offer you a convenient store next to your mini gym home.

Affordable Adjustable Dumbbells

[TOP 10] The Cheap Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews In 2022

1. Bowflex SelectTech 552 – Two Adjustable Medium Dumbbells

The Bowflex SelectTech 552 is produced by Bowflex – the famous brand name in terms of gym brands all over the place. Besides that, the reason why this dumbbell belongs to my recommendations is that it can provide you with up to 15 different sets of weights within just one set.

The combination of red and black colors creates an attractive look of the Bowflex SelectTech 552, which perfectly suits every home gym. In addition, its range of weight ranges from 5 to 52.5 pounds.

2.5 pounds is a weight you can adjust at a time. In terms of sharp edges, you will be worry-free as a durable molding will cover them. More than 30 types of exercises are what you can do with this dumbbell, so you can change it to make youself feel more excited.

This cheap adjustable dumbbells you should consider. However, there are somes pros and cons necessary to take into account before making a deal.


  • Its size is small
  • By touching a dial, you can adjust this set
  • An optional weight stand is offered


  • Its minimum weight is 5 pounds, which is probably not suitable for some users
  • It is not effective for all users when its adjustable increment is 5 pounds


2. Core Fitness 4333853251 – Adjustable Affordable Dumbbells

These cheap adjustable dumbbells as they provide users with no-frills, simple selections and come at a reasonable price. You will get the same experience when you do exercise at a professional gym thanks to these sets; however, they are quite smaller and more compact compared to the ones in the gym home. Furthermore, these set cannot bear comparison with other sets on this list in terms of the variety of colors and adjustability.

Your business will be ready thanks to the Core Fitness 4333853251 set with the mix of silver and classic black. Moreover, this combination also shows the color of the stand. Additionally, while a high-impact plastic covers the weights, aluminum is the main material of the cradle or stand.

When it comes to the price, other sets on this list can force you to pay more for them compared with the Core Fitness 4333853251 as they are formed from higher quality materials. In terms of adjustability, the minimum weight of this set is 5 pounds and it allows you to expand it up to 50 pounds with 5-pound increments

You can utilize a dial to adjust the weight with ease. Bear it in mind that 5 pounds is just the alone weight of the handle, so it is not ideal for complete beginners.

Even though this set is one of the cheapest adjustable dumbbells for the home gym (no matter whether it has a power rack or not), you should consider its pros and cons to make a right choice.


  • Its grip gives you a sense of comfort during use and is designed to fit your hand perfectly
  • The no-frills design with no any whistles and bells
  • You can adjust a dial with ease


  • This set is covered with plastic. Unlike other sets, it is not coated with a rubber-like material or simple metal.
  • Its increasing increment is 5 pounds, which might not suitable for every user.


3. ATIVAFIT Adjustable Dumbbells for Workout

Personally, I suppose that it is not an exaggeration if we call the ATIVAFIT brand is an extraordinary leader in the field of home gym equipment. This brand name has gained reputation in many kinds of products, such as gym bags, and exercise bikes, not to mention its adjustable dumbbell sets.

With its eye-catching, compact and modern design, this set catch users’ attention right at the first sight. By utilizing the push-n-pill design, bodybuilders can adjust their weight without any difficulties. Besides that, this set is an equivalent to four different dumbbells, so it serves you well in saving space and offers many options as well. Furthermore, being textured, contoured but soft on palms is its grip handle’s highlighted features. Moreover, this set is coated with the black polished paint


  • You can change its weight quickly with ease
  • It is simple to store
  • Its grip handle gives safety and a sense of comfort to you


  • It takes time to position and lock each weight stack properly.


4. PowerBlock GF-SPDBLK24 Adjustable Dumbbells

As this set is sold at a reasonable price, it is worth to belong to one of the cheap adjustable dumbbell sets. This cheap adjustable dumbbells has a variety of colors, this set will never let you down. Besides that, it is really simple for you to know what levels you are on thanks to the different colors of each extra weight option.

This is the cheap adjustable dumbbells in home gym if you think that it does not matter when its increment is only 3 pounds. A lever used by this set is the same as that in standard gym centers. It requires you to move the bar and insert this set into the slot.

The minimum weight of this set is 3 pounds and its maximum one is 24 pounds, so there are many options in terms of weight for you to pick. Just adjust your set with 3-pound increment, and you will make this dumbbell fit you perfectly. A second reason that makes this set become one of the best cheap adjustable dumbbells is its padded handle. Thanks to this thing, users can receive an increased feeling of comfort and a good balance as well.


  • Its handle is extremely comfortable
  • Its balance is great
  • Supporting bodybuilders in knowing which levels they are on thanks to different colors of additional weight selections


  • Its maximum weight is just 24 pounds, so it is quite inconvenient
  • Its increment is 3 pounds.


5. PowerBlock EXP Stage 1 Adjustable Dumbbell Set

This  cheap adjustable dumbbells is produced by the famous company in the area of gym home fitness equipment. Besides that, this product can offer users a higher set in weight compared to other ones, to be more specific, it equals 16 standard sets.

Generally, it appearance pleases the eyes of users thanks to the coordination of black and red colors. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for every home gym, not to mention its perfect match to almost standard power racks. Its weight starts with 5 pounds and bodybuilders can expand it to 50 pounds with 2.5-pound increment. So, its flexibility would satisfy you completely.

The most special thing is that you can adjust this dumbbell from 70 to 90 pounds in extra weights to fit your ability. If you are looking for one of the cheap adjustable weights on the market, I highly recommend this set for you. Besides that, its bar and lever adjustment system are relatively the same as those in professional standard gym centers.


  • In terms of adjustability, this set has 2.5-pound increment
  • Thanks to its expansion packs, users can adjust this dumbbell to extra weights of 70 and 90 pounds.
  • This set is tailored with the serious lifter in mind


  • It is slightly awkward and bulky in square shapes
  • A dial is not utilized for adjusting its weight


6. CAP Barbell Adjustable Dumbbell Set, 40 to 200 Pounds

As the CAP Barbell RSWB-40TP 40 Ib owns extraordinary durability and is a user-friendly product, its set would be one of the most rational purchases of bodybuilders. Besides that, thanks to this set, you can create a small gym room into your house. Furthermore, these cheap adjustable dumbbells have a wide range of weights which are even suitable for light chest presses and triceps extensions machined-grip.

Thanks to a high-quality carrying case, you can store this set perfectly. Moreover, for safe and secure purposes, this set is equipped with spinlock collars to protect users from injuries during use.

This set has some features, containing 4 5-pound plates, 4 collars, 2 handles, 4 2.5-pound plates, and a plastic storage case. Thanks to these features, it becomes more and more popular. In addition, a semi-gloss finish of cast iron plate’s features provides you with a precise gripping during use. In terms of carrying case, it is 20 inch, 9 inches in length and width respectively, while 41.15 pounds is its whole weight.


  • The price is affordable
  • You can set up it with ease
  • It is rustproof and maintenance-free
  • Carrying case is included
  • Users can add their weights
  • It is various and flexible
  • Bar with diamond grip
  • Rubber ends on the Washers


  • There is the slight bump located on the corners of the case (But it does not matter)
  • Its smell is quite funny for a while


7. PowerBlock Sport 24 Adjustable Dumbbells

The Power Block Sport 24 Pound Dumbbell Set is one of the cheap adjustable dumbbells on the market that I highly recommend as it has a variety of ranges and series such as the Urethane, Classic and Sport.

This set is user-friendly and has many highlighted features. First of all, this product with adjustable and compact features equals to 16 single dumbbells. Furthermore, the top of the weight plates are rounded and square size will not be included like Elite one is equipped with.

Users find it straightforward to hold and operate. This set is one of the cheap adjustable weights having the weight range from 3 to 24 pounds. When it comes to its handle, it has a similar one to the other cheap adjustable dumbbells, but is covered with rubber.

This set is an alternative of 8 treys of adjustable dumbbells of free weights within one pair’s area. Thanks to its more compact size, you can take advantage of its optimal balance and management. Additionally, Rubberized handle will support you in gripping the weight in a nice way.

If you desire to add a rigid, durable and balanced weight into your gym home, choosing these cheap adjustable dumbbells would be your wise decision.


  • These are the best cheap adjustable dumbbells for doing exercise.
  • The adjustment system is really fast
  • It is simple to adjust lighter weights
  • You can lift it with ease
  • The set is budget-friendly


  • There is a little cracking noise
  • The pin is not right at times (from my point of view)


8. ProForm SpaceSaver Dumbbell (25 Double)

The Proform 25-Ib products are some of the cheap adjustable dumbbells for both men and women. If this weight is your choice, you will receive a set with 25 pounds in total. To be more specific, you will be provided with 2 weights, and each weight is 12.5 pounds. You will not demand for a lot of weights if you own this set.

When it comes to its operating system, users find it straightforward for maintaining. Furthermore, you may encounter no challenges when you change its poundage. It only takes you only 15 seconds to get work done. In addition, with its compact size, it is extremely simple for bodybuilders to store. Thanks to a storage tray, you can protect your cheap adjustable dumbbells from damages.

This ProForm 25-lb adjustable single dumbbell is equipped with a portable system, so you can bring it with you to gym centers with ease. Additionally, this set is also user-friendly as it has a fabulous design. Its other highlighted feature is a cushioned material. Thanks to this thing, users can be provided with a proper grip. Finally, it pleases bodybuilders to utilize it for a long period of time because of its perfect grip.


  • It is straightforward to utilize
  • This set is user-friendly
  • Its well-balanced feature is maintained
  • Compact size and users can adjust it with ease
  • Its durability is outstanding
  • It has an eye-catching design
  • The carrying system is simple
  • Storage stray


  • Some claim that its design is not great


9. Merax Deluxe 71.5 Pounds Adjustable Dial Dumbbells 

The Merax Delux product is one of the affordable adjustable dumbbells suitable for those who have a demand for a heavier weight. Each dumbbell has its maximum weight of 71.5 pounds. If you are bodybuilders who prefer heavy compound lifts and desire to reach many higher levels in your exercise at right your home, you should take these cheap adjustable dumbbells into account.

These affordable adjustable dumbbells have a wide range of levels, to be more specific, around 12 levels are offered with 5-pound increment. However, for some people, 5 pounds is relatively too much. Although its increment is not really convenient, its rounded and compact handle can support users in gripping when they lift this dumbbell up.


  • It is heavier compared to average sets
  • Its design is rigid and durable
  • Thanks to the dial system, it is simple for users to adjust
  • Its handle provides an easy grip


  • Its price is quite high, so it is unaffordable for some bodybuilders
  • Its 5-pound increment is relatively difficult for some
  • Elevated stand sold separately


10. Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells

If you have planned to buy the cheap adjustable dumbbells to help you do exercise effectively, this product is perfectly right for you. Besides that, this cheap adjustable dumbbell set has many highlighted features. First of all, you can utilize the Bowflex SelectTech App to keep track of your improvement.

Secondly, if you are worried that these sets can take up too much room, do not concern about this any longer as these weights enable you to save your space perfectly. Therefore, leave you 17 sets of dumbbells aside and make a purchase for these affordable dumbbells right away. Furthermore, you can choose the weight you want to lift thanks to the support of a dial.

The weight of each dumbbell ranges from 10 to 90 pounds. Additionally, quieter workouts coming along with a smooth lift-off will be offered by high-quality molding around metal plates.


  • Its design is really clever
  • These sets are user-friendly and very rigid
  • Its durability is outstanding


  • Some suppose that its plates are not great


Cheap Adjustable Dumbbell Set

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What things you should know about the cheap adjustable dumbbells?

Like the way it is called, adjustable dumbbells are handheld weights equipped with a dial (on its right or left side) adjustable. Thanks to this dial, you can adjust the weight until it reaches your requirements. These sets are also user-friendly as users can change them with just one single twist. Let me share with you some highlighted features of them.

Minute adjustments are things you can do when you utilize these sets.

In comparison with regular weights which have their own standard or numbers, adjustable sets are not similar to them as they can adjust their weights to reach users’ requirements for little time. In gym centers, it is really easy to see dumbbells with fixed weights such as one pound, five pounds, isn’t it?

These cheap adjustable dumbbells offer round numbers. Even the cheapest ones can serve you well in adjusting the weight of these sets, so you will be free to change its weights, and the increment is 0.25 increment. Thanks to this function, you can also improve the weights you can lift gradually, and your home gym will support you perfectly in achieving your goals.


As you may know, a power rack and rack of dumbbells can take up a huge space of your house, so it would be better if you can make use of the advantage of innovative technology.

Personally, I suppose that the cheap adjustable dumbbells are a must-have items for bodybuilders wanting to work out effectively at their home as they provide them with benefits like a whole rack yet help them save your space beautifully.

Affordable Dumbbells


I have just finished my task to share with you all things related to cheap adjustable dumbbells. You have found it helpful, haven’t you?

I highly recommend you pick out one of the products I have introduced in the list above as they are the best and most reasonable dumbbells on both the online and offline market now.

I strongly believe that your research into your possible products carefully will play an essential role in making a perfect deal. And our research team has tried our best to introduce the best and latest models based on your requirements and preference.

There is a variety of fitness styles and every set on this mentioned list can serve it well. Affordable prices, durability, and compact design are some of the highlighted features of these products. I assume that they can satisfy most customers, even when you are an award one, so there are no reasons to hesitate to make a great purchase like this. Don’t wait any longer, go ahead and get your best adjustable dumbbells.

I am always available to help you with your choices, so in the comment section, should feel free to leave your both comments and questions. Hopefully, one of the best affordable adjustable dumbbells on our list will satisfy you perfectly.


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