YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Reviews and Buying guides In 2022

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Reviews

One bike that has just been added to my all-time favorite list is Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike. As it had been available around for a while and getting more and more popularity, this specific stationary bike makes me intrigued about how it would truly perform by an enormous amount of use. Luckily, I was actually looking for a new bike for my renovated exercise room, so I ordered a brand new Yosuda spin bike straight away.

Yosuda, indeed, is not a widely popular brand due to its particular production focusing solely on exercise bikes with limited models. So the company actually knows what it is doing and that itself gives users more reason to look into the bike’s features now.

Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike

Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike Review

As for the materials, strong heavy-duty steel is used to construct the frame of Yosda exercise bike along with 35 Ibs flywheel to ensure the stability during cycling. Also, the bike is designed with a belt driven system in order to provide a quieter and smoother environment compared to the chain system.

Yosuda indoor bike is certainly one of the ost comfortable bikes during long or short rides as it has adjustable handlebars that can adjust in 2 ways and prevent slipping as well. Plus, the seat is well-padded and offers 4 height settings between 25 inches and 37 inches, so it is an ideal cycling bike for the whole family to exercise. Combined with an emergency brake lever to halt the flywheel instantly and anti-skid cage pedals to protect your feet from speedy exercises, Yosuda indoor cycling bike surely provides bikers with a great number of safety measures and thus is able to support the weight up to 270 Ibs and remain stable for your whole ride.

Another feature that benefits all its bikers is the continuous infinite resistance adjustment system from Yosuda indoor stationary bike. Thanks to this, you can modify the difficulty level of your workout just by twisting a knob. Like other modern indoor cycling bikes, Yosuda spin bike has an LCD Monitor installed that helps you track and monitor your process in terms of time, speed, distance, odometer and calories burned. And to prevent you from being dehydrated, a bottle holder within your reach is also installed in the sake of your convenience and health. If you are bored and want to distract yourself from continuously checking the clock, you can always use the flat bracket to hold your phone and watch some videos or listen to music with it while burning your calories non-stop. Additionally, it is quite easy and effortless to move this cycle machine around by its transportation wheels. So you can tuck Yosuda indoor bike neatly at the corner until your next work out.

Yosuda exercise bike offers 30-day guarantee with a full refund and 1-year warranty of its component replacement without any charge.


Feature Summary of Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike

  • Built in a robust and sturdy steel frame
  • Comes with 35 Ibs flywheel
  • Continuous infinite resistance level
  • Two-way adjustable and non-slip handlebars
  • Four adjustable height setting seat
  • Up to 270 Ibs in weight capacity
  • LCD multi-function monitor
  • Flat bracket for holding phone
  • Emergency brake lever
  • Anti-skid cage pedals
  • Bottle holder installed within reach
  • 30-days full refund guarantee
  • 1-year of free component replacement warranty
  • Dimensions: 40 x 22 x 45 inches (L x W x H)


The bike comes with full tools and assembly manual, so it is straightforward to get the job done. I found the illustrated diagrams quite clear and helpful, so by using them combined with the instructions, you will definitely be able to set the bike up in less than 1 hour. It took me around 45 minutes to assemble the bike. From what I read from Yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary review, some people even finished assembling it under 30 minutes. If you are struggling with it or simply just cannot be bothered, Amazon provides an installation service to assist their customers with an extra cost but the supplier anticipates that the need for it is almost zero. Therefore, I think you are definitely able to figure it out and assemble it yourself.


Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike Functions

In terms of design, the Yosuda Stationary Bike owns a high end and stylish look, which is a perfect add-on to your private house, gym or office. Unlike many other indoor exercise bikes that are bulky, heavy and immobile, Yosuda exercise bike is very compact with suitable size and transportable. If you would like to securely keep the bike in place, a mat to put under its legs is going to be a big help.

Slipping your foot off the pedal is a common problem for cyclists even with the most experienced ones or professional ones. Therefore, the caged pedals of Yosuda spin bike are very supportive for your ride to be undistracted and smooth from the beginning till you finish. Personally, I myself find the straps quite standard and a bit loose but it seems to work fine and so far I have not encountered any trouble.

The part that I fancy most about Yosuda indoor cycling bike and makes it definitely worth my money is the padded seat, which is surprisingly super comfortable. And many similar views like mine on Yosuda bike reviews section also praised this feature as well. This seat is very well cushioned particularly at the rear to support the back and bottom muscles. Therefore, you will not have to suffer pain or numbness after long and intensive rides. In addition, there are 4 height adjustments of the seat that makes it ideal for the whole family as it can perfectly fit bikers from under 5 feet to a little over 6 feet. However, to adjust the seat height, it requires you to screw and unscrew the knob under it, which might cause some inconvenience when multiple family members take turn to ride it on a regular basis.

As for the handlebars of Yosuda stationary bike, they are advertised to be comfy and non-slid with foam material, which actually feels nice and also enhances my grip while speeding up. Though the foam quality seems to be not durable, it is still in good condition after a couple of months of use. So as long as they are kept in dry condition, I do not expect any tear any time soon.

The infinite level of resistance system of Yosuda indoor bike works like a charm. By twisting the knob clockwise and anti-clockwise, you can cause an impact on the flywheel and thus infinitely modify the pedaling difficulty. This can be done instantly and conveniently while the bike is at full speed without any interruption and delay that can affect your ride.

Regarding to the LCD display, it is very basic and does not look as luxury as shown in their advertised picture. Nevertheless to be fair, it has all features required, and on top of that, it works as it is supposed to be more or less, so nothing to complain here.

I also need to mention that the bike is 68 Ibs (around 30 kg) of body weight and to me it is quite heavy. However, considering it is made of heavy-duty steel, I will call it even.

After trying the Yosuda indoor cycling bike for a while, I think it is steady, quiet and absolutely worth every penny. I usually move it to stand in front of my TV and watch my favorite TV shows or movies without disturbing anyone in my family. To be honest, doing exercise used to be a pain in the neck for me though I am completely conscious that it is essential to practice to stay healthy. Now riding the bike does not sound as boring and tedious like before as time seems to fly faster while I am enjoying myself and burning my fat at the same time. I bet everyone loves that idea, don’t ya?

Pros and Cons

Just like any product on the market, Yosuda indoor cycling bike has its pros and cons that will be presented below.


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Robust and sturdy heavy-duty steel frame
  • Quieter than others
  • Effortless set up
  • Efficient adjustment lever of resistance system
  • Ergonomic construction and well-cushion seat


  • Seat with 4 height adjustment settings is annoying and complicated for multiple users
  • Caged pedals are quite loose and low quality
  • LCD monitor seems to be shoddy (for my personal taste)
  • Foam material is likely unendurable


My Final Thought

Is this exercise bike buy worth buying? The answer is a big yes but with the condition. Buyers should be those whose weight is under 260+ Ibs and who never mind-twisting the seat’s knob over and over again to adjust the height if many members are using the bike in your place. If you prefer an indoor exercise bike that remains quiet during your ride, delivers stable and smooth cycling experience and most importantly comes with a very comfy seat, Yosuda indoor cycling bike is undoubtedly the best choice for you.


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