How to Maintain a Treadmill at Home?

How to Maintain a Treadmill at Home?

You may think that owning a treadmill is no big deal but you would be surprised at what goes on in some homes. There are many things that people do that they wouldn’t dream of doing when they had one of their own. So, you should make sure that you know how to care for your treadmill to ensure it lasts a very long time. In the long run, it will save you money as you won’t have to buy another one anytime soon!

The good way to learn how to maintain a treadmill at home is to do it yourself. If you have never owned a treadmill before, it may seem a bit intimidating at first. However, once you get the hang of it, you will quickly realize how easy it is. And, who knows? You may just find yourself wanting to start a home business and take your treadmill to other locations!

How to Maintain a Treadmill at Home

How to Maintain a Treadmill at Home

1. Lubricate Your Treadmill

Most treadmills come with instructions on how to lubricate your treadmill but not all of them are similar. In order to get the most out of your machine and prevent problems with wear and tear you need to know how to properly lubricate your treadmill. The type of lubricant that you use will vary greatly from machine to machine, so it’s important that you follow the manufacturers instructions carefully. Lubrication is a critical step in the treadmill maintenance process, as without it the machine will have a low performing heart and can malfunction or break down prematurely. I’ve listed a few different ways that you can lubricate your treadmill to keep it running smoothly and looking great:

The good way to lubricate your treadmill is to use oil from a local oil change company; however, if you want to save money, you can always find an inexpensive alternative to oil at your local hardware store. Some people prefer to lube their belts by removing the carpet portion of the deck first then cleaning the inside and outside of the belt with a mild dish detergent. If you’re attempting to remove the grease on the deck, simply dip a towel in some dish detergent and wipe away any dirt or loose dirt; then, vacuum the excess dirt from the deck. If you’re trying to lubricate your belt, simply run some distilled water through it and run some heavy duty lubricant through the bearings (one of the largest components of your belt) then wipe off the excess with a towel. You should always remember to put the treadmill back together after lubricating so that you don’t mar the machines’ finish.

If you notice that there is a strong burning smell coming from either your treadmill’s moving belt or the walking belt itself you should definitely lubricate the moving parts first. If you see a huge flash of black smoke from one or both of your treadmill’s bolts then you should definitely put the treadmill in a safe place so it doesn’t continue to burn. While lubricating your moving parts of your machine, if you hear a hissing sound from either the belt or the walking belt, then you should remove the moving parts of the machine and then clean them before replacing them. You should also inspect the moving parts of the machine as well to make sure they are not severely damaged or bent. This is especially important if you have a heavy duty model that has a number of bolts that attach the walking belt to the frame as these bolts are specially designed to withstand extreme conditions.

2. A Bit Caution When Lubricating Your Treadmill

There are also some special fluids that you can use such as, vegetable oil, silicone spray, water and many others. You want to make sure that you follow the directions on the package to the letter. If you do this then you will be very happy with the results and you will be putting longer miles on your machine each time. One of the biggest reasons that people have trouble with their Lubricating your Treadmill Machine is because they do not read the directions, so here are some tips that you should keep in mind when doing your Lubricating your Treadmill Machine: First you want to make sure that you are taking your machine out of the freezer, this makes the Lubricant much easier to use. You want to make sure that you are also taking the machine that you plan to use the Lubricant on out of the freezer, but you also need to make sure that it is not hot while you are waiting, or the Lubricant may not work properly.

You want to pour the lubricant on to your machine and start to run it. Make sure that you always start your machine in the direction that you want it to go, and not in front of you. Also you want to make sure that you follow the instructions, especially on the back of the machine, this can be difficult to get sometimes. Once you know what the Lubricating your Treadmill Machine should look like, then you will know what you should wear. Also, when you apply the lubricant to your machine, you should only apply a small amount, because too much Lubricant on one area of your machine can cause it to melt.

Now that you understand all of the things that you should be doing, you are ready to go. It is good that you clean up any spills that you find, then dry up the area where you applied the Lubricant. If you find that you are not able to do this on your own, then you can hire someone to help you do this for you. It may cost a couple of hundred dollars, so it is well worth it. After you have done all of this then you are ready to go.

3. Vacuum Around the Treadmill Deck

If you use a treadmill at home, one of the things that you need to do is vacuum around the treadmill deck. For many people this task can be very difficult, but it’s really not as hard as it seems. All you have to do is just get a vacuum that will work on a treadmill and make sure that you clean the deck regularly. This will help you keep your treadmill in good shape and make it last a long time. You don’t want to have to replace your treadmill too soon because it’s very easy to do so.

Another thing that you need to make sure you do is keep an eye on your belt. Most treadmills come with a plastic belt that goes around the deck. This should be covered with a plastic cover when not in use. Make sure that you take the time to vacuum this belt on a regular basis. The belt will wear out faster than the deck if it is not looked after.

When you vacuum the deck you want to make sure you get all of the dust off of it. The dust will build up on the treadmill over time, especially if you leave it running often. It is very easy to keep dust off the deck when you clean regularly. Vacuum on a regular basis and your treadmill will last much longer. And your workout will be more fun!

4. Clean Under Your Motor Cover

It is important that you know how to clean under your motor cover, as this can save you from unnecessary damage. You may find that if you take some time out to clean the cover every now and again, it will be easier for you to use the cover when you are out in the garden or even when you are away from home. The good news is that there are a number of steps which you can take to ensure that your motor covers remains clean and hygienic at all times. This is something that is very easy to do, and something that is very convenient, as you don’t have to head out to get the cleaner and you don’t have to carry anything with you while you are cleaning the cover.

The first thing you want to do is make sure that you have all the tools that you need. You will need to make sure that you have a large soft brush, as well as a soft dry cloth. You need to make sure that you use these items in a way so that they do not scratch the motor cover, and if possible you will want to use these items to apply pressure on the motor cover in order to get it clean underneath. If you have any grass or dirt on the motor cover, then you should make sure that you go ahead and use the brush on these areas and also rake the dirt away from the motor cover. However, you should always remember to ensure that you do not apply too much pressure when cleaning your motor cover with these methods, or else you could end up damaging the cover beyond repair.

If you need to purchase some new equipment in order to keep your motor covers clean, you should check online and see what you can find. There are many great products available for you to purchase, and there are a number of different companies who make the motor covers. As long as you take the time to search around online, you will be able to find a great deal on a new cover. In addition, if you take the time to make sure that you buy the right size to cover, you will be able to find a product that will fit properly.

5. Use A Surge Protector

While all too often you may have heard about how important it is to have a surge protector and how crucial this is to your home computer and its safety; but do you actually use one? I mean do you have one on each and every outlet in your home? Or maybe you have more than one? If you don’t know what a surge protection is what it is then you need to find out and start using one right away. It could mean the difference between having your computer and many months without one or not getting one at all, so get yourself a surge protector.

UPS vs. Surge Protector UPS stands for Universal Parallel Access Power Source. The surge protector simply acts like an additional device that shields your UPS from sudden electrical surges of electricity while keeping your computer and other electronic devices safe. Some UPS devices have the ability to sense when the electricity goes over a preset threshold and kick off the backup power source. Some will even turn the power off if there are any fluctuations in the power source. While a UPS can protect your UPS devices from fluctuations, they cannot prevent the surges from occurring.

If you are using UPS power strips for protection or even just for convenience, then the ideal option for you would be a surge protection product that is made by a well-known and respected manufacturer. When you are shopping for these products, look for brands such as Belkin, HP and Compaq. These brands have been in the consumer electronics industry for a long time and are known for making products that keep consumers safe. Not only do these brands provide protection for your UPS, they provide a host of other useful and convenient features as well that you may find useful. Such features include auto-sense feature for when the surge protection kick in, built-in daylight saving time and memory that stores configurations of your UPS devices so that you never have to input the same information twice.

6. Tighten the Treadmill Belt

Many people are always trying to find out how to tighten the treadmill belt so that they can get the ideal fit and perfect form while running or walking on the machine. You should always pay close attention to the make and model of the treadmill you own and also examine it closely when you take it for a test run. When shopping online for a treadmill read the reviews by other treadmill owners as well as read any treadmill guide or manual that came with it. If you don’t feel comfortable or confident enough to try and tighten the belt yourself it is very important that you have a qualified treadmill repair person do it for you. Also, never wear loose-fitting clothing over the belt because this can interfere with the way the belt latches together.

The treadmill belt is usually fitted using a threaded steel rod that runs through the rollers or in the case of an elliptical trainer around the outer edges of the seat. Over time both the inside and the outside of the belt can become loose or even completely loosen. Over time this will also stretch out and become misaligned and this is normal during the adjustment period. Over time the belt will have to be tightened up a lot less often because it will gradually adjust to your individual walking or running style more easily. Most treadmill models have an adjustment wheel which allows you to start from zero and gradually tighten the belt as your fitness improves.

There are 2 treadmill adjustment wheels and a back roller that go round the perimeter of the treadmill deck, the back roller being larger than the left side. To adjust the treadmill belt to one side, turn the rear roller inwards and then rotate the left side in the opposite direction. This is known as reversing the treadmill and it works the ideal if done after a short warm up cycle. If the belt becomes slack in any other direction then the deck is probably out of balance and needs replacing.

7. Center and Align the Walking Belt

The latest safety gadget to hit the market is the walking belt. Being a fairly new item, many consumers are not sure how to use it safely. So, here is a step by step instructional on how to use the walking belt. We will also cover aligning the walking belt so that your machine can continue to run properly.

To begin, remove your shoes and socks and place them at the front of the treadmill. Next place your waistcoat at the back of the treadmill. Hook your waistcoat up to the belt and then tie the buckle in the center. This is to ensure that no one gets their ankles hooked while walking or jumping off of the treadmill.

To start using your walking belt, simply place your feet firmly on the foot supports of the belt and begin to walk forward. As you get comfortable and start to notice a reduction in wind resistance, you can begin to take your feet off the belt. This should be done slowly, and when you notice that your ankles are no longer hooked, you can begin to slowly align the belt to its correct position.

8. Wipe the Treadmill After Use

The most important thing about owning a treadmill is to make sure that you wipe the treadmill every time it gets dirty. Treadmills are used at home, work, and for recreation. Since you use your treadmill on a regular basis you will see the signs of wear and tear almost immediately. Dust and dirt can get tracking into each machine, causing problems that may become irreversible very quickly.

It is recommended that you purchase a treadmill brush to keep your treadmill clean after every use. If you don’t already own one then you should consider getting one before you buy your treadmill. A treadmill brush is made out of rubber and is very easy to use. You just dampen the area that you want to wash and run your hands over the treadmill. This will loosen any dirt or dust that may have been trapped in the various nooks and crannies of your treadmill.

When it comes to maintaining your treadmill then you can opt to use paper towels or dish soap. To get the great results try using dish soap because it doesn’t leave any residue. Simply spray some onto the treadmill and let it sit for a few minutes before running your hands over the surface. This is very helpful in removing debris that may have built up during use. The chemicals in dish soap act as a sweeper and get rid of any dirt, dust, or grime that has been trapped deep within the grooves and nooks of your treadmill.

9. Check The Treadmills Screws For Good Work

You can find great treadmills in the stores but if you want to have a good treadmill, a good thing that you can do is to check the treadmills screws on it. Make sure that the belt and the wheels of your treadmill are well lubricated and free from dirt and dust so that you will be able to use it for a long time. To check on the treadmills screws, you need to remove the running wheel and then unscrew the bearing that holds down the belt. When you take this out, you will be able to see a brass screw that attaches to the bearing.

It is important to make sure that you take note of the size of the brass screw because you will need to use it to screw the treadmill back together. It is also important to make sure that you uninstall the wheels of the machine before you start tightening the screws because you do not want to damage them. If you are not sure on how to properly take care of the treadmills, then you should consult a professional. Make sure that you buy a quality treadmill machine because you do not want to be spending money to get repairs for it.

Checking the treadmills screws every now and then will ensure that your treadmill works for a long time. You should also remember to change the lubricant that comes with your treadmill if it is not working properly. When you are buying a new treadmill, make sure that you consider the maintenance part because maintaining a treadmill is important. It is important to know how to maintain it because you do not want your treadmill to be damaged because of lack of maintenance.

10. Treadmill Maintenance Checklist

The Treadmill Maintenance Checklist is designed for those who use their treadmill regularly. Most people ignore the maintenance aspect and this can be costly because you run the risk of damaging your machine. With a well designed treadmill maintenance check list you are able to take the necessary steps to avoid any potential damage. If you have children then you also need to know how to keep them safe when using your treadmill. By knowing what to look for and preventing the most common problems you will see your treadmill to last much longer.

Most people don’t realise that the speed that they are running will decrease if not maintained properly so it is important to check your treadmill on a regular basis. One of the first things that you need to look for on your treadmill is uneven pavement. You should also make sure that there is no loose soil or dirt anywhere near the treadmill. Treadmills tend to get a lot of dust and this can clog the bearing and the chain which can cause the treadmill to run poorly. By creating a maintenance check list you will be able to identify the things that you need to check on a daily basis in order to maintain your treadmill correctly.

When you know what to look for and avoid you will have your treadmill running in perfect condition for years. It is important to keep up on the maintenance check list because you never know what is going to happen to your treadmill. It is possible that you will damage the equipment so it is worth making a list of the things that you need to do on a daily basis to ensure that your treadmill is working correctly.



How to maintain a treadmill at home is pretty easy. If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, you should be able to maintain it for many years. However, the manual is not enough to keep the treadmill in good condition. It is also important that you check it out from time to make sure nothing is wrong. Taking care of your treadmill will ensure that it gives you many healthy years and does not give you a reason not to exercise.

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